Kawazu Gourmet

Japan is a nation famous for its food. Yet, while most visitors know to expect dishes like sushi and ramen, few have the opportunity to experience the unique local flavors that are at the heart of Japanese gourmet. If you’re interested in experiencing the distinctive regional flavors of Japan, you should pay a visit to the town of Kawazu in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Located along the Pacific Coast of Japan’s Izu Peninsula, Kawazu has a variety of special flavors to enjoy. As you might expect, being a coastal town, Kawazu has its fair share of delicious seafood. One great place to enjoy tastes of the Pacific is Funado No Banya – a Japanese-style seafood barbeque restaurant. Guests can cook seafood on a grill outside of the restaurant while enjoying the ocean views, or sit comfortably inside with a Japanese teishoku (set meal). Either way, you’ll enjoy the freshly prepared food and atmosphere that can only be found in Kawazu.

If you like spicy food, head into the nearby mountains towards the famous Seven Waterfalls of Kawazu. Near the entrance to the waterfall trail, you’ll find a small restaurant called Kadoya. Don’t let its size fool you – it may be small in size, but it’s big in flavor! Kadoya specializes in dishes built around Japanese wasabi grown in the area. Additionally, restaurant guests get to grind their own wasabi for their meal. So not only will this dish be sure to wake you up, but will also create a culinary memory few visitors have the chance to experience.

These are just a couple of interesting options in the Kawazu area, but of course there is much more to explore. No matter what you choose, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the incredible flavors and views of Kawazu!

Access (from Izu-Imaihama Tokyu Hotel)

  • 10 minutes on foot to Funado No Banya

  • 20 minutes by car to Kadoya

Kawazu Nature

Japan is host to its fair share of breathtaking natural scenery. From the gigantic slopes of Mt. Fuji to the coral beaches of Okinawa, it’s a nature lover’s paradise. Perhaps one of Japan’s best kept natural secrets however, is Shizuoka Prefecture. You need look no further than the town of Kawazu to see what I mean.

Kawazu has an impressively broad variety of natural beauty. It all starts at the coast on the shores of Imaihama Kaigan, where sandy beaches give way to the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. If coastal views are your thing, the nearby Izu-Imaihama Tokyu Hotel is the place to stay, offering these amazing views even from the comfort of your room!

Along with the sandy shores of Imaihama Kaigan, the waves of the Pacific also meet with the Kawazu River. It is along this river that, each year, the famous Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival takes place. Kawazu cherry blossoms are a special variety of tree which produce deep pink flowers from February into March. The trees can be found throughout Japan, but nowhere are they as abundant as Kawazu, the place where they were born.

Further away from the coast, hidden among the quiet hills, lies the Kawazu Seven Waterfalls. These seven waterfalls are each uniquely impressive, ranging from about 7 feet tall (2 meters) to nearly 100 feet tall (30 meters). The path along the falls is well kept, without taking away from the natural beauty of the place, and easy access by bus or car makes it a perfect destination for visitors to the area.

As you can see, Kawazu is rich in natural beauty! Sandy beaches, ocean spray, flowering trees and powerful falls – all within about 5 miles (9km) of each other. Kawazu is as unique as it is beautiful!

Access (from Izu-Imaihama Tokyu Hotel)

  • 1 minute on foot to Imaihama Kaigan

  • 20 minutes by car to Kawazu Seven Waterfalls

Izu-Imaihama Tokyu Hotel

There are plenty of beachfront hotels in the world, but none boast the scenery and experience of the Izu-Imaihama Tokyu Hotel. Nestled along the Pacific Coast of Japan’s Izu Peninsula, it offers everything from great views to delicious cuisine in one of the nation’s most unique areas.

At the Izu-Imaihama Tokyu Hotel, service is a top priority. From the moment you arrive, your needs are taken care of. Traveling by train? Not to worry – the hotel staff will come to the station and pick you up!

The hotel itself is designed with comfort in mind. A spacious, well-lit lounge area offers the perfect place to chat outside of your room, while the recently renovated book cafe is tucked away for a quiet relaxing time.

In your room, it’s all about the view! Every room has a balcony and a share of beautiful oceanside scenery. In good weather, the Izu Seven Islands can be clearly seen floating in the distance. Opening the sliding glass doors, you are met with the sound of crashing waves on the shore. Some rooms even boast direct pool and beach access, adding to the tropical atmosphere.

Along with great views, guests can also enjoy incredible cuisine. The breakfast buffet serves both Japanese and Western dishes, while dinner at the Azuma restaurant provides guests with local Japanese flavors. Other options are also available, all within the comfort of the hotel.

Another unique aspect of the hotel is the natural hot spring bath. The open-air portion allows guests to soak in the calming waters with the sound of rolling waves in the distance.

Simply put, the Izu-Imaihama Tokyu Hotel is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of Japan’s Pacific Coast to the fullest. But be warned – the sights and tastes are apt to leave you aching to come back for more!


35-1, Mitakaimai, Kawazu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka 413-0503

  • 3 minutes on foot from Imaihama-Kaigan Station on the Izu Kyuko Line

  • 2.5 hours on Special Express Odoriko-go from JR Tokyo Station

Special Express Odoriko-go does not stop at Imaihama-kaigan Station and it stops at Kawazu Station

There is complimentary Shuttle Bus Service (Kawazu Station⇔Izu-Imaihama Tokyu Hotel)

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