Naha Tokyu REI Hotel

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Naha Tokyu REI Hotel

Naha, Okinawa's center, is both a functional city and resort town. Naha Tokyu REI Hotel is a high-level hotel perfect for business as well as sightseeing in and around Naha, conveniently located 10 minutes by monorail from Naha Airport.




215 rooms


High-speed Wi-Fi LAN

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Guest Rooms



Twin room is functional and comfortable room. All of twin rooms has a south window and you can enjoy river view from the window.



Double room with functional equipments is suitable for buissness trip. Please spend relaxing time with 160 centimeters wide bed.



Coffee set, slippers, bath towels, face towels, body wash, facial & hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush set, razor, shaving cream, hair brush, body towel, q-tips, nightwear (sleeping shirts), room deodorizing spray

Restaurants and Bars




This lounge offers you a relaxing time with the high-quality facilities.

Please start a good day with good breakfast at our hotel.


For breakfast, this restaurant serves a variety of menus such as fresh bread, colorful vegitable salad and soup.

Buffet breakfast
Junior meal JPY500
Up to 6 years old complimentary

Area information

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium A dazzling exploration of Okinawa's marine life

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
A dazzling exploration of Okinawa's marine life

If there's one attraction you'd expect to find in Okinawa, it's an aquarium; and not only does it have one, it has one of Japan`s finest. A short drive from Nago in the center of Okinawa Honto, Churaumi Aquarium boasts an eye-popping collection of marine life, presented in a way that's both informative and entertaining.

The diversity of marine life on show is owed to the Kuroshio Current, which transports warm tropical water to the archipelago. Reflecting this, the first tanks you come to after entering the aquarium on its fourth floor are 'The Coral Sea' and 'The Sea of Tropical Fish', where you can enjoy watching a myriad of colorful fish flitting around. There's also a touch pool here, with seashells and starfish for you to touch, and there's a lot of fun to be had just watching peoples' reactions, especially the kids'...

The clever design of the aquarium brings you to inhabitants of deeper waters as you descend. The third floor is home to two rooms of tanks showing life on coral reefs, and it's here also that you come to Churaumi's main attraction: the Kuroshio tank. This huge tank provides ample space for whale sharks, the world`s largest, to cruise around languorously with their hangers-on in tow, and it also features large gliding manta rays, endlessly undulating shoals of sardines, and a legion of other life from the seas around the islands. The panoramic view through the wide, wide wall is enthralling, and if you get there at the right time you can enjoy the extraordinary sight of the sharks standing upright as they are fed.

Speaking of sharks, an interesting diversion on the second floor is the shark research lab, filled with exhibits such as skeleton samples, a complete large tooth-filled jaw, and a model shark sliced in cross-section so you can examine its interior anatomy. You can also look at the Dangerous Shark Tank, which is pretty self-explanatory, though when I visited there were also a handful of smaller fish keeping the sharks company.

Heading down to the first floor, you also descend into the depths of the ocean at the Deep Sea tanks. Here you'll find an eclectic range of seldom-seen creatures, from the science fiction monsters of the spider crabs to tiny organisms that live off bacteria. There's also an enchanting display of glowing bioluminescent fish and coral in the Ocean Planetarium, which is screened off by a curtain to maintain the darkness.

Finally, you can snack at the Café Ocean Blue next to the Kuroshio tank, or dine at the Ocean View Restaurant which overlooks nearby Ie-jima, then stock up on souvenirs at the Blue Manta shop. For kids and big kids and grown-ups alike, there's a whole lot of fun to be had exploring the ocean at Churaumi Aquarium.

about 1 hour and 40 minutes by car from Naha Tokyu REI Hotel

A Folk Story by Okukubi River Located in Okinawa's Kin Town

A Folk Story by Okukubi River
Located in Okinawa's Kin Town

Okukubi River is lined with narrow paths that lead to a mangrove forest and, eventually, the ocean. Along the west bank, signs are posted, telling a legend in Japanese. Photos of these brand new signs were taken before they became weather-beaten and unreadable, and their interesting stories translated to share with Western audiences.

Early, in the 16th Century a monk was traveling by sea, from Japan to China when his ship was wrecked.

The wreckage of the wooden vessel was adrift in Kin Bay, on the east coast of Okinawa. A native of the village, rescued the priest, who barely survived the accident. The rescuer fed the monk some of his own lunch and, the survivor quickly recovered. Facing towards the sea, the holy man shouted, "Hokorashayaminna!" "Everyone be happy. Be healthy. Be proud," would be a good translation. The monk asked the young man for something to quench his thirst and, he was brought to a freshwater spring. Taking a sip of the water, he remarked, how tasty and refreshing it was. Using the spring water, the monk, taught the youngster, how to make some excellent green tea.

The mountain water spring was named Saga (茶川 = green tea river) a source for making the delicious beverage of tea. Noblemen and Ryukyu officials, traveled the miles from Shuri Castle, to draw water from this precious source.

The monk was fed and sheltered by the inhabitants of Kin Village and, he wished show them his gratitude.

An expert in agriculture, he taught them the most advanced techniques, for raising crops. Using farming methods, according to his guidance, the yield of the annual harvest, increased significantly. Local villagers exclaimed, "White sand, turned into rice!" And, they considered the monk, to be a "Kaminchu" -- A man who communicates with the heavenly spirits. Suddenly, things went wrong.....

On the night of a full moon, a handsome young man appeared. He was a stranger, to the village.

He conned a young girl into following him and, she did so, as she were under his spell. A neighbor, who fancied the young lady, followed them. He walked softly and slowly, using shadows of the night, to avoid detection. The girl and stranger, walked hand in hand, far from her residence. A very jealous lad, wished he could intervene and, chase the outsider away. As he watched, from behind some bushes, there was a puff of smoke and, the strange boy, turned into a large snake. Wrapping itself around the girl, they dropped out of site, into the depths of a cavern.

The legendary serpent lived in a cave, coming out only, to capture young women and, eat their livers.

The spring, near the river was, where women would draw fresh water for their homes. From the nearby cave, the snake would go out to attack them. Before long, no one would dare, going near the cave, river or, the spring, for fear of becoming a victim. The lack of visitors, nearby became an inconvenience. The snake, would have to do some traveling in order to acquire fresh meals. Once again, it began transforming into the charming young stranger. And, would visit homes, seeking prey, under the cover of darkness.

The monk, noticed the village had become silent and, villagers were fearful of going outdoors.

He learned of the crafty snake's disguise and its kidnapping of young women. When told of the location the serpent had been using as a dwelling, the monk went there, immediately. He performed a Buddhist chant, to seal the snake within the cave, for eternity. The village has prospered since that moment and, the snake has never been seen again. Translations by Mami Sakiyama

about 55 minutes by car from Naha Tokyu REI Hotel

Map & Directions

Kafuna Asahibashi, 116-37, Asahimachi, Naha-shi, Okinawa 900-0029

  • Connected to the passageway from Asahibashi Station (Okinawa Urban Monorail Line).(3 minutes on foot)

  • 7 minutes by car from Naha Airport

  • Nearest interchange: 9 minutes from Naha IC on the Okinawa Expressway


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