Narita Excel Hotel Tokyu

Basic Information

Narita Excel Hotel Tokyu

Located just a 15-minute shuttle bus ride from Narita Airport, Narita Excel provides convenient accessibility for travelers. In addition to highly functional guestrooms, the hotel has a gym for fitness and recreation to keep you healthy while you’re on the road.




706 rooms


High-speed Wi-Fi LAN

Usable Creditcards

VISA,MasterCard,American Express,Diners Club,DC,UnionPay(銀聯),DISCOVER

Guest Rooms



Twin room has so relaxed atmosphere that you can spend comfortable time for both buisness and leisure.



Double room is suitable for both staying with your partner or by yourself. Please have a good time at a spacuous room with wide bed.



Japanese green tea and black tea and coffee(only main wing), black tea and coffee set (only south wing), slippers, bath towels, face towels, body wash, facial soap & hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush set, razor, q-tips, cotton balls, scrunchy, nightwear (yukata)

Restaurants and Bars

Gardenia, restaurant

Western Casual

Gardenia, restaurant

This restaurant offers you various dishes in buffet style with expansive atmosphere like the garden restaurant in southern France.

Azuma, Japanese cuisine

Japanese Cuisine

Azuma, Japanese cuisine

This restaurant offers you well-prepared Japanese dishes using some seasonal ingredients.

Horai, Chinese cuisine


Horai, Chinese cuisine

This restaurant serves authentic Chinese cuisine with romantic night view of the airport.

Pegasus, bar


Pegasus, bar

At this bar lounge on the top floor, please enjoy luxurious time with splendid view of the airport.

A wide variety of Japanese and Western dishes for buffet breakfast.


Please enjoy delicious breakfast in the restaurant flooded with light and with a view of Japanese garden.

Buffet breakfast (J/W)
Junior meal JPY1,306
Up to 5 years old complimentary

Area information

Narita-san Shinshoji Temple A must see temple in Narita town, Chiba

Narita-san Shinshoji Temple
A must see temple in Narita town, Chiba

Naritasan Shinshoji Temple really took me by surprise. I've never heard before that there is an ancient picturesque temple with a long history in a small town beside a very big international airport like Narita. For me Naritasan Shinshoji Temple is out of the ordinary. It’s really extraordinary.

I cycled out from my accommodation, the Hilton Tokyo Narita Airport Hotel right after breakfast. It did not take me long before I was at the road in front of the temple, which is lined with shop and restaurants. The temple main gate is beautifully decorated. From the main gate there is a path way lined with stone lanterns and a set of steep stairs up to the second gate which has a big red lantern hanging in the middle. Another set of steep stairs after that and I got to the top. WOW I thought, the picture I saw was very idyllic, a large central wooden Japanese building, simple but remarkable, surrounded by many beautiful buildings. Then I heard a sound which drew my attention, the sound of drums and chanting coming from the main building. I hurried to the building and found a ceremony was going on. Later I learned that it is a traditional prayer ceremony that has been performed for thousands years ago and continues until the present time, called ‘Goma Prayer’.

I was very lucky to experience the prayer ceremony 'Goma'. In the center of the building is the head monk sitting in front of a bright fire pit. There are 3-4 monks sitting behind him who did the chanting. It sounds like the prayers we do in Thailand. I think it’s the same Pali; the difference is over here they beat a large drum to the rhythm of the chanting. The drum sound blended in nicely with the chanting. I'm not sure what the head monk throws into the fire which makes its sparkle and generates lots of smoke coming up from it. Meanwhile there are 2 different monks waiting to collect hand bags from people in the building and wave them over the fire. The ceremony was awesome to witness.

After returning from the temple I was researching for details which help me understand more about the prayer ceremony 'Goma'. This fire prayer ceremony is a prayer to the god of fire which known in Japanese as ' Fudomyoo’ or Achala a 'a god servant of Buddha’. The prayer ceremony 'Goma' at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple is held several times each day.

On the temple grounds, there are several buildings. Each one looks different and has its own charm. One building in particular is my favorite, an old wooden building with a Buddha shrine. Outside around the building wall are wood carvings, ‘The 500 Buddha's Disciples’ which are elaborate and beautiful.

Beside all those splendid buildings, there are 2 pagodas, Daitou pagoda which mean ‘Big pagoda’ and the Three-storied wooden pagoda with gorgeous decoration and paintings.

The Naritasan Shinshoji Temple is located near the JR Narita and Keiseinarita Stations and not far from Narita International Airport. From both JR Narita and Keiseinarita Stations it will take about 20 minutes on foot on Omotesando Street. It will be a fun walk to the temple because the Omotesando Street is packed with interesting shops and restaurants.

about 15 minutes by car from Narita Excel Hotel Tokyu

Narita International Airport (NRT) Fun things to do before your departure flight!

Narita International Airport (NRT)
Fun things to do before your departure flight!

You’ve checked out of your hotel and now find yourself standing inside Narita International Airport. At the check-in counter, a big sigh and a mumble follows, “All great things must come to an end.” Insert sad face here. I know that parting is such sweet sorrow, but enough of the self-pity. There’s still much to discover here. So, grab your boarding pass, verify flight status, and follow me to experience a few fun things to do at the airport before your departure flight.

Treat yourself first! You’ve spent countless of hours walking around town and were up late last night packing, so how about a massage? Head up to View Square on the 5th Floor and check out the row of Fujiiryoki chairs available for the entire family. Slip off your shoes, sit down, and relax. Enjoy airplanes taking off from this vantage point. The heavenly, 10-minute massage in a large sturdy leather chair is just 200yen. It has all of the bells and whistles you can imagine and believe me, if this experience doesn’t convince you to take the chair home with you then I am speechless. Japanese technology is the best!

Be adventurous! Did you know that the capsule hotel company, nine hours Inc., recently announced its opening this summer at Narita Airport on July 20, 2014? Services include overnight stays, day use, or even just shower use. Rates will vary from 1,000yen to 3,900yen to include male and female facilities. It will be located on the first basement level (B1) of Car Park No. 2 (P2) complex with direct access to Terminal 2. You can make reservations to rest in their futuristic sleeping pods today!

Weather permitting; follow the signs to the Observation Deck. Better yet, follow the planes! Open daily through 9:00pm, step onto the deck for fresh air and soak in the sounds and thrilling views of aircraft taking off and ready for landing. For 100yen, peek through telescopes for a closer look or bring your camera with the long-range zoom lens. Even though a security fence surrounds the deck, there are small, window-like openings for an unobstructed view. You might even notice the photovoltaic panels installed which is part of their commitment to the efficient use of clean, natural energy. Feeling hungry? Visit the Sky Food Court for your choice of Chinese, Western or Japanese cuisine. In this area, you can still view aircraft, or take a longer walk out to explore the Restaurants & Shops area on the 4th Floor. If you prefer something lighter, there are a few café's that serve really great coffee and desserts you can only find in Japan.

At this point you’re feeling relaxed, kind of stuffed, and looking forward to flying back home. Remember all of the faces that are excited to see you? You might need to pick up a few goodies for them. There are great souvenir shops just around the corner in the Airport Mall. From clothing, to toys, and edible treats, Narita has you covered. A nice gift that most people would be happy to receive is KitKat! Japan carries flavors you can’t find anywhere else in the world and if you weren’t able to visit the world’s first KitKat Chocolatory in Ikebukuro, don’t worry. You'll be pleasantly surprised with the variety they carry in shops like Omori.

Still have extra time to spare before heading to passport control? Other interesting areas are the Silent Zoo light show near the main escalator, the NAA Art Gallery, or sit by the zen water fountain and simply people watch. Browse through the official floor guide and make visiting Narita International Airport your best experience yet. Sayonara!

about 15 minutes by bus from Narita Excel Hotel Tokyu

Map & Directions

31, Oyama, Narita-shi, Chiba 286-0131

  • 10 minutes by taxi from Narita Airport, Keisei Narita Station and JR Narita Station

  • 15 minutes by Hotel's free shuttle bus from Narita Airport Terminal 1 & 2, and JR Narita Station

  • Nearest interchange: Located in front of Narita exit of higashi-Kanto Expressway


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