To become a Corporate Customer you must agree to proscribed procedures and conditions. Tokyu Hotels Co., Ltd. administrates the membership.

Membership and Annual Fee

No membership or annual fee



Apply for membership by filling out the online application form.

Corporate Customer Number

Email notice of your Corporate Customer number and password will be sent two weeks after application form submission.


Reservations must be made on our Tokyu Hotels website.

Automated Account Closure

Corporate Customer accounts will be closed if


there are two years of inactivity;


there are false statements on your application;


your contact information cannot be verified;


you haven’t paid room charges and other fees.


you injure hotel customers, the hotel itself (facilities, furnishings, or equipment within the hotel, ancillary hotel facilities, structures on the hotel premises, etc.), or hotel staff without compelling reason, regardless of measures you may take afterwards;


you do not uphold accommodation rules and regulations;


you are suspected or sentenced for committing a crime;


the hotel judges you to be ineligible for any other reasons.

Changing Registered Information

Contact Corporate Customer Office if registered information like email address, corporation name, postal address, representative name, or telephone number has been changed.

Corporate Customer Information

The Corporate Customer Office and hotels that are part of Tokyu Hotels make limited use of member information for marketing analysis to improve customer services.
The Corporate Customer Office and hotels that are part of Tokyu Hotels will not provide member information collected via business operations (hereafter referred to as “member information”) to a third party, except in the following cases:


if entrusting member information to a third party that has signed a non-disclosure agreement, for the purpose of contacting members on behalf of Tokyu Hotels;


if we get release permission from the member;


if ordered by a court to disclose the information;


if cooperating with a police investigation.

Privacy Policy of Tokyu Hotels

Agreement Change

This agreement (including benefits) is subject to change without notice.