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Virtual Experiences of The Capitol Hotel Tokyu for you to enjoy at home.

This campaign includes our hotel staff’s unique ideas to bring a little fun and excitement to everyone around the world staying at home during these challenging times. We have put together various content that will allow viewers to virtually experience all our hotel has to offer from their own homes. We have a wide variety of content from our expert Chefs recipes to how our housekeeping staff create beautiful towel art as well as all the artworks we have on display in the hotel. We hope our viewers can enjoy and experience the hotel vicariously through these videos.

Stay home with The Capitol team start!

Hidden artworks in our hotel

How to make a tasty whisky

Take an exclusive look inside the Hie Shrine

How to cook Seaweed-steamed Alfonsino

How to make a fragrant Cassis orange cocktail

How to cook Spaghetti Neapolitan of All Day Dining ORIGAMI

How to make cute towel arts

How to brew delicious drip coffee at home

Let’s make easy seasonal cold onion soup together

How to make a fruity sangria at home

How to fold table napkins at home

Hotel’s recipe for fluffy omelet

How to stretch your whole body

How to cook Authentic hashed beef, cook in just 10 minutes

How to exercise on a chair

How to cook tasty shrimp with chilli sauce

How to make cute towel swans

How to make dashi, and Sawani-wan style with a clam dumpling

Let’s make Caesar salad together ~It’s all about the dressing~


Enjoy the seasonal flower arrangement in the main lobby


How to make Herb grilled eggplant and beef


American cherry compote, perfect with vanilla ice cream!


Smooth custard pudding


Traditional Chinese candy ”Dragon's beard candy" (Ronshutan)


Bright and colourful Greek-style marinated vegetables