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Tokyo is known for its plethora of activities, and there is something for everyone to enjoy here. Here are some of the hotel's recommendations to discover the true local's Tokyo. Our concierge is able to make arrangements only for hotel guests.

Experience the traditional crafts Tokyo


A once if a lifetime opportunity - Meet a Geisha -

Today, there are limited opportunities to catch a glimpse of Geisha gathering, known as 'Tokyo Rokkagai' - one being in Akasaka. There are also a few restaurants where you can watch a Geisha performing traditional entertainment and play historic games as you enjoy your meal, bringing the Edo period to the present day.


Try Japanese cut glass - Edo Kiriko -

'Edo Kiriko' is the general term used for faceted glass products produced in Edo (Tokyo). The craft dates back to the end of the Edo period, and is still present in pockets of Japan today. Unlike 'Satsuma Kiriko', which has a soft cut with a bright shine originally from Kagoshima Prefecture, Edo Kiriko is sharp and iridescent. The pattern depends on the sharpening process; a unique trait of the technique, which results in many variations with intricate details. It's a great craft for beginners to experience and enjoy making their own original glasses.


Traditional crafts originating in downtown Tokyo - Kumihimo -

Kumihimo - meaning 'gathered threads' - is an artform of making braids and cords from thin silk and cotton thread. Historically their use was as a decorative accessory for Buddhist items such as tools, texts, and scrolls, dating back to the time that Buddhism was first introduced to Japan. Since then, it has been used in armour, sword straps, and women’s obijime (traditional waistbelt for kimonos), and in recent years has expanded into various fashion items and goods. Experience creating Kumihimo's on traditional looms, using vibrantly coloured and textured threads.

A guided sightseeing tour of the tales of Tokyo.


A tour of Tokyo's most famous buildings

A guided tour of Tokyo's best known buildings. Available for 2 people or more.


Discover Tokyo's secret passages.

Discover Tokyo's secret passages, only known by the locals. Available for 2 people or more


Tour the training rooms of the mighty sumo.

After a tour of the sumo rehearsal room, you can visit other sumo related places and learn more about the traditional Japanese sport. Available for 2 people or more.

There are various other experiences available to guests, such as an anime and manga course, a gallery visit in Ginza, and a sake brewing experience in Tokyo. Experiences and transport can be arranged upon request, and guides are available to hire for a minimum of 3 hours. Transportation fees, admission fees, etc will incur additional charges.

If you are interested in this experience, please contact the hotel's concierge.

Try a true, Japanese cultural experience


Sado - Tea ceremony

Experience a traditional tea ceremony in an authentic tearoom. Immerse yourself in a fusion of traditional Japanese culture, the spirit of hospitality and the philosophy of wabi-sabi, through the art of tearoom arrangements, tea utensils, and Japanese sweets.


Kado - Japanese Flower Arrangement

Arrange seasonal flowers in vases to express the beauty of their appearance and the preciousness of life in this traditional art that allows you to appreciate and learn Japanese etiquette. There’s also an option where you can enjoy the flower arrangement whilst wearing a traditional kimono.


Kodo - Incense appreciation

Kōdō is a form of traditional meditation blending ceremonies with the arts. Following the Japanese process of lighting the aromatic incense, you'll step into scenes of classic poetry, stories, and sights of Japan's history through the different fragrances. Immerse yourself in a world of literature and spirituality through perceiving the variety of Japanese scents.


Samurai Experience

Learn about ninja and samurai characters that are often seen in anime and movies, and enjoy a training experience where you'll learn some of the basic samurai manoeuvres.


Bonsai Workshop

The practice of planting Bonsai trees have long been synonymous with Japanese culture. It represents the value of the passage of time through “antiquity, the movement of the branches, and the reflection of the pot.” Experience this Japanese tradition yourself in making your own Saika Bonsai and plant flowering trees to create a small landscape garden reminiscent of those seen throughout Japan.

If you are interested in this experience, please contact the hotel's concierge.

Discover the delicious cuisines of Japan

Japan is esteemed for the quality of its restaurants, and with an estimated 80,000 restaurants in Tokyo we’ll introduce you to a wide and unique variety of dishes, to suit your taste and satisfy all your cravings.

If you are interested in this experience, please contact the hotel's concierge.

Get out the city and play Golf !

Tokyu Kiminomori Golf Club

With easy access from the city centre, you can escape the city and enjoy a round of golf at the Tokyu Kiminomori Golf Club. The course is over 7,000 yards long and takes advantage of the area's flat terrain, complete with white sand bunkers and ponds with picturesque fountains - perfect for experienced golfers who want to enjoy a challenging round.

Address : 2-49 Kiminomori-Minami Oamishirasato, Chiba 299-3241

If you are interested in this experience, please contact the hotel's concierge.