Function Rooms "Fuji" "Sakura" "Tachibana"

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A small yet refined space

The small banquet rooms, which are suitable for small meetings and meals, are designed with a "lozenge" pattern in the ceiling, which was also used by the architect of the old hotel, Isoya Yoshida, in the Japanese Restaurant "Genji".

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Guest Capacity


Banquet/Meeting Style

Dinner、 Reception、 School、 Theater、 Square Layout

Rooms that can also be used as waiting rooms for large events.


"Fuji", "Sakura" and "Tachibana", which are each 52 square meters in area, are suitable for small social gatherings and meetings, and can also be used for meals with important guests. All three rooms can be used together or can also be utilized for a variety of purposes such as waiting rooms for a large scale banquet.

Room Combine
"Sakura" and "Tachibana" can be combined in to one large banquet space of 104 Square meters.

Sample Layout

Theater for 48 guests / Hollow Square for 24 guests / Banquet for 30 guests

Formal dinner style for 60 guests / Classroom for 54 guests / Reception for 60 guests

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Reservations and inquiries for Meeting & Events are accepted by phone.

Other Banquet/Meeting Venues

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The name has its origins in the phoenix, which in mythology rests its wings only on the very top of trees.

Capitol Salon offers an intimate setting for business and private gatherings for up to 14 people.