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Brand History


Former site of the famed Japanese restaurant "Hoshigaoka Saryo"

"The Capitol Hotel Tokyu" stands on the hill of Hie Shrine, which has long been called "Hoshigaoka" (Hill of Stars) and celebrated as a perfect place for star gazing. From the end of the Taisho era to the beginning of the Showa era, the epicurean Rosanjin Kitaoji founded the exclusive "Hoshigaoka Saryo", which became a place of social gathering for many influential figures in politics and finance.


20 years - The Tokyo Hilton era

In December 1958, developing from the "collaborative relationship between American and Japanese businesses" between Hilton and Tokyu Group, Hilton International provided the world-class hotel management knowhow while Tokyu secured real estate and human resources to establish a 20-year hotel management contract under the Hilton brand. On June 20, 1963, the year before the Tokyo Olympic Games, Japan's first global brand hotel was born here atop Hoshigaoka.


Historic takeover:

At the end of the 20 year contract, the hotel management was passed on to the Tokyu Group. The succession was completed from the New Year's Eve of 1983 to New Year's Day of 1984 without closing for even a single day. Symbolizing the handing over of operations was the ceremony for handing over the keys between both representatives. At the climactic lighting up ceremony, the sign on the upper part of the hotel changed in an instant to The Capitol Hotel Tokyu, making for a truly dramatic succession.


The Capitol Tokyu Hotel since:

"Tokyo Hilton" operated for twenty years and "The Capitol Tokyu Hotel" for 23 years. This hotel which has continued with 2 names has played a leading role in the growth of the Japan's hotel industry. It was a beloved hotel for many VIPs from all over the world, including world famous celebrities such as The Beatles and the Three Tenors, but much to the disappointment of countless guests, it closed its doors in November 2006. What had truly built the hotel's 43-year history was the support and patronage of the numerous guests and the spirit of hospitality which continued to be passed on to the following generation.

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu from Autumn 2010 onwards

Autumn 2010, The Capitol Hotel Tokyu began a new legacy.

A promise to uphold "Fueki Ryuko"

We, at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu, have strived to fulfill the desires of each guest and leave them with unforgettable memories and experiences of the highest quality. With traditional hospitality at the core of this hotel, we have aimed to consintenly offer excitement and inspiration to each and every guest.