A Decade of Luxury -10th Anniversary Promotion

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After 43 years of history, The Capitol Hotel Tokyu revitalized its image in the year 2010. On the 22nd of October this year, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of our renewal. This is attributable to the patronage of our loyal customers to whom we humbly offer our sincerest gratitude.

The theme for this year is “A Decade of Luxury” to commemorate the sense of hospitality we have continuously held in our hearts since the rebirth of our hotel. As “The Capitol Hotel Tokyu”, we will enrich this celebratory year with the promotion of exceptional events, to once more convey the cultivation of excellent quality over the last 10 years with great appreciation.

We sincerely look forward to welcoming you.

General Manager Takahiro Sueyoshi

A Decade of Luxury theme logo

To kick start the celebrations, the hotel has commissioned Japanese calligraphy artist, Suito Nakatsuka to create a logo for it’s theme,‘A Decade of Luxury’. Over the last ten years The Capitol Hotel Tokyu has proudly delivered a high quality experience for every guest. Developed from it’s foundation of originally being known as the Tokyo Hilton Hotel, opened in 1963, the hotel is proud of its roots as the first international hotel in Tokyo.

Nakatsuka commented “ The aim of the logo design was to express the atmosphere and Japanese beauty created by the hotel and loved by its many international visitors. I love that by staying at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu, every guest can truly feel and experience Japanese culture.”


Suito Nakatsuka

Born in Okayama, Japan, Nakatsuka started to learn traditional Japanese calligraphy from the young age of just four years old. Enjoying the flexibility of the brush, she has created her own style by using it not only on Japanese paper but also on pottery, glass and film. In 2016, at the exhibition ‘Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts’ at the Louvre Museum (Paris), a selection of her art was displayed and she received both the gold prize and the judge’s prize. In addition to her award winning art, she has created many artworks for popular Japanese films and dramas.

Accommodation Plan

For the 10th anniversary we will offer a special accommodation plan as a sign of gratitude to your patronage.

Stay plan 10

Firstly, for our 10th Anniversary, we have prepared an exclusive price for our Suite Room for you to indulge in. These Executive Suite Rooms are located on floors 27~29. Here you may relax and enjoy the ever-changing scenery Tokyo has to offer away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition, we have prepared a lucky draw with ten special prizes that will be available at check-in. We sincerely hope you enjoy whatever you may receive from this lucky draw and the variety of gifts will embellish your stay.

Accepting Reservations

Until Monday 29th June 2020

Event Duration

From Wednesday 1st April 2020 to Tuesday 30th June 2020

Room Type

Executive Suite (104.7㎡)


JPY 100,000 (One room limit per day)


Accommodation, Breakfast, Welcome Champagne and Lucky Draw.

Restaurant Plan

For the Hotels 10th Anniversary our Japanese restaurant “Suiren”, our Chinese restaurant “Star Hill”, our All day dining restaurant and lounge “ORIGAMI” and The Capitol Bar will offer a special menu and fair for our guests. We plan to offer a wide range of courses in Suiren from Kaiseki, Sushi, Tempura and Teppanyaki where you can fully enjoy the exquisite cuisine the restaurant has to offer. To compliment this, we will also offer a pairing course from ORIGAMI for you to indulge in our sommelier`s specially selected Sake to pair with your meal.

“The Capitol Bar” Ichiro`s Malt & Grain 10th Anniversary Bottle


Our Bartender, while in a distillery in Chichibu city, Saitama prefecture for a year, formulated the concept for this whiskey. Using Chichibu malt as a key, he blended 5 types of whiskey from countries all around the world including Scotland, Ireland, Canada and the U.S.A. to create this special blend. The fruitful flavour from blackcurrants and other berries are added to the barrel, creating a balanced flavour for you to enjoy.

Sales Begin

Wednesday the 1st April 2020


Bottle JPY 55,000(JPY 66,550)
Glass JPY 3,200(JPY 3,872)

Amount for Sale

180 Bottles


The Prices shown in parentheses include 10% service charge and 10% consumption tax.

Pastry Boutique “ORIGAMI” Brioche Cube


At the beginning of our 10th Anniversary we will introduce a hand-sized brioche cube measuring 5.5cm with the hotel’s logo, a phoenix, engraved on its side. It is baked with 100% French flour, eggs, cream and the secret to the flavour lies in the butter. We use Bordier butter of the finest quality made with traditional churning techniques from Brittany, France. The butter has a delectable fragrance and texture which contributes to its rich flavour.

Sales Begin

Wednesday 1st April 2020


JPY 370(JPY399)


The Prices shown in parentheses include 8% consumption tax.

Banquet Event

Executive Chef Toshinori Sogabe “Keyaki Grill” Blissful Dinner


Last spring our Executive Chef Toshinori Sogabe held our first culinary celebration. While still inheriting the traditions of the 1963 “Cuisine Capitol”, we will welcome you with a number of new and fresh menus. This time we will open a one day only French Restaurant to pay homage to the old hotel’s “Keyaki Grill”. We will present a new Keyaki Grill for you to wholly indulge in our French cuisine.

Date and Time

After summer 2020 (TBC)


Ho`oh Banquet Hall 1F

Reservation Period


Sanno no Mori Gala Dinner 2020


Chef Guy Martin of the long established French restaurant ‘Le Grand Veur’, who won two Michelin stars in Paris with Chef Toshinori Sogabe, will host this Gala Dinner. The full course dinner will give you the opportunity to experience authentic and exquisite French cuisine from these extraordinary chefs.

Date and Time

Thursday 22nd October 2020
Reception and Commencement 18:00/Dinner 19:00


Ho`oh Banquet Hall 1F

Reservation Period

Summer 2020(TBC)