Chinese Restaurant "Star Hill"

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Spirit of hospitality packed inside a gift box.

Take advantage of this service on various occasions, to give a gift to your loved one, as a souvenir or to enjoy at home with tea.

Star Hill's original mooncakes

The hotel's iconic phoenix motif on the cakes add to their delicate flavors.

Ho'oh Mooncakes


Three different flavors: lotus seeds, red bean paste and chestnut.


JPY 2,700(JPY 2,916)

Original assortment


An assortment of three types of mooncakes: lotus seeds, red bean paste and chestnut, and two types of pies: coconut and black sesame seeds (two pieces each).


JPY 3,780(JPY 4,082)


These products are produced at a factory according to our recipes on behalf of the hotel.


Please inform our staff if you have any food allergies.


Menu items may change according to ingredient availability..


The Prices shown in parentheses include 10% service charge and 10% consumption tax.


Underage drinking and drunk driving are prohibited by law.


Product Image for illustration purpose only.

Seating Capacity

99 Seats

Private Room




Business Hours

11:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. (L.O.2:30 p.m.)

5:30 p.m.-10:00 p.m. (L.O.9:30 p.m.)


from 17:00 on Sat., Sun. and holidays


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