Heart Beat SHIBUYA

 Experience the Japanese Culture Night!

After dinner, while sightseeing, or when returning home from work, how about casually coming into contact with some traditional performance art?
Please definitely enjoy a nighttime event where you can experience things such as a workshop on Noh plays ("Noh" and "Kyogen comedies"), a geisha dance, and Matcha tea!
English language interpreters will be on hand so that overseas visitors can enjoy the event.


【Wednesday,January 29th,2020】
【Thursday,January 30th,2020】


Reception: 20:00-


Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel B2F
「The Cerulean Tower Noh Theatre」


JPY 3,500


Please attend with the understanding
that you may be in the background of photos or videos filmed.


【Wednesday,January 29th,2020】
Part 1
 Noh Workshop :Nohgakushi(Noh actor) Otomasa Sakai
  1. Discussion: What is Noh?
  2. Trying Forms and Movements
 <Those who would like to get onto the Noh stage>  
 ・Please prepare your own white tabi to bring with you beforehand.
 ・There will be early form training for those who come at 20:10p.m.

After the workshop has finished, we will open activity corners
where you can try on Noh masks and more.     

Part 2  21:55-23:00
Geisha(Shamisen/Japanese Dance) 〜22:35
Stall   〜23:00

【Thursday,January 30th,2020】
Part 1
Japanese Dance: “Yukiyama” - Sachi Umezono
Lecture: Explanation - Craig Kingsley
Kyogen: “Kaminarii” - Chuzaburo Shigeyama and Shoji Ishikura
Trial lesson:Chuzaburo Shigeyama and Craig Kingsley

Part 2  21:55-23:00
Geisha(Shamisen/Japanese Dance) 〜22:35
Stall   〜23:00