We have a wide variety of menus which will of course reffect your culinary tastes.



Grand Chef Nobuhiko FUKUDA

Here guests can enjoy culinary delicacies that Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel's Grand Chef, Mr. Fukuda cook an ingenious idea of French in any style.



from Kanetanaka

Here you can experience the original heart and soul of the famous old KANETANAKA restaurant.
The genuine beauty of Japanese cuisine is here for your enjoyment at the party.



from szechwan restaurant Chen

Enjoy the exquisite taste that combines Mr.Chen's culinary genius with a profuse variety of spices and dynamic technique.


Prices shown here include 10% service charge and 10% consumption tax.


All food stall menus are only available for parties of 20 or more guests.


The above is one example of a food stall menu. Various other menus are also available.

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