Meeting Room Package

Recommended for seminars,training and meeting.
We accommodate small groups.


This deal ends on 31 March 2025
*Please make a reservation earlier than a month prior
to the date of the event


10 to 30 persons
*Minimum 10 persons fee will be charged to hold the meeting room
however,you are welcome to reserve it for fewer than 10 persons.


Small Banquet Rooms(B1F)


Half Day Plan(up to 4 hours)


9,000JPY per person

All Day Plan(up to 8 hours)


13,000JPY per person


Additional 1,500 JPY per person for a 30 minutes extension

Included in the fees

  • Room Fee

  • Equipment for layout
    (Tables,chairs,hanging racks,sofa sets, and so on)

  • Self-service coffee, water and Japanese Green Tea

  • Refreshments

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Free parking tickets for the package hours reserved


Service attendants are not stationed at paticular venue

Optional items available for meeting

  • A projector set with 90 inch screen *Special price for this package 22,000JPY

  • Wired microphone 3,300JPY per one

  • A bottle of mineral water 632JPY per one

  • Flip Chart 41,800JPY~ per one

Lunch options
  • Packed Japanese lunch 2,530JPY~ per person

  • Lunch at the restaurant “Caramelo”on lobby floor 3,500JPY
    *Cubicle table for 6~8 seats are also available at Caramelo

  • Lunch at the restaurant “Coucagno”on 40th floor 7,600JPY
    *Cubicle table for 6~12 seats are also available at Coucagno


Available time is 8:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.


Time extension is limited to 1 hour.
In addition, We may not accept extension on account of the next reservation.


Payments by cash or ts by cash or credit card is accepted on the day of use.