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Breakfast Information

One thing to look forward to during a hotel stay is breakfast.
Our selection includes morning buffets and Japanese-style breakfasts arranged by a long-established restaurant to help you start a refreshing new day.

Restaurant Breakfast

Morning buffet >
Garden Kitchen CARAMERO
7:00 a.m - 11:00 a.m(Last entry at 10:00 a.m / Buffet served until 10:30 a.m)

Japanese-style breakfast >
Japanese Cuisine SAKURAGAOKA
7:00 a.m - 10:30 a.m(Last entry at 10:00 a.m)

Room service Breakfast(for stay guests)

American breakfast >
7:00 a.m - 11:00 a.m

White omelet breakfast >
7:00 a.m - 11:00 a.m

Japanese-style breakfast >
7:00 a.m - 11:00 a.m

Executive Lounge Breakfast (Reserved for hotel guests staying on the Executive Floor)

Buffet-style breakfast >
8:00 a.m - 10:00 a.m

included in the room rate

Restaurant Breakfast

Garden Kitchen CARAMELO LB floor


For a pleasant morning in a sun-filled room with luscious garden greenery.
The Executive Salon Breakfast includes orange juice, made from oranges squeezed and served in front of you, breads hot from the hotel ovens, fruits and a crisp salad, coffee and a just-made omelet. Enjoy a refreshing breakfast to start a new day.

Morning Buffet

Omelet made by the chef

Omelet made by the chef

Crisp salad and various fruits

Crisp salad and various fruits

Oranges are prepared as juice by staff

Oranges are prepared as juice by staff

Breads hot from the hotel bakery oven

Breads hot from the hotel bakery oven

Enjoy any dish as much as you like in the buffet-style breakfast selected and prepared by our chefs.


JPY 4,110 Per person (JPY 4,200 from April 1st)
JPY 2,055 Per Child <ages 4 - 12>
(JPY 2,100 from April 1st)

  • Juice (Orange, Tomato, Grapefruit, Apple)

  • Select your favorite dish from the buffet.

  • Breads (Danish pastries, Caramelo breads, etc.)

  • Steamed vegetables, Salads, Fruits, Dry fruits

  • Egg plates

  • Ham, Bacon, Sausage

  • Coffee, Tea

Japanese Cuisine Sakuragaoka(2F)

Japanese Breakfast


7:00~10:30(Last Entry 10:00 a.m.)


Per Person JPY 4,110
(JPY 4,200 from April 1st)


Includes Coffee or Tea

There is a choice of the Main Dish:
Sweet Japanese omelets
Grilled Fish
Black Bean Natto, Yudofu (boiled tofu)


To broaden your horizons, how about experience a traditional Japanese Breakfast. Very simple but actually to make such delicate dishes there is a lot of effort in the background. This effort is all to “omotenashi” (welcome) our customers; so we would be very pleased if you can try these dainty dishes.
The sour plum and nori near the rice are good buddies and are eaten together with the rice. Please enjoy a new start for your new day.

Room service Breakfast


Here is our full menu lineup, including Western-style cooking, Japanese dishes, a la carte and course menu.

Executive Lounge Breakfast


The beautifully-appointed room combines modernism and Japanese aesthetics.
Enjoy the comfort that will let you forget the urban clamor.


The Prices include 13% service charge and 10% consumption tax. (From April 1st 2023 the service charge 15%; consumption tax 10%).