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  • BELLOVISTO has be "REBORN" on September 19th!

A glamorous and premium space where the twinkle of the town's lights at night reflects on the glass and the sound of the cocktail shaker pleasantly resonates. The bar will undergo renovations to be a place that is worthier than ever for Shibuya, the hub of entertainment. Keep your eyes on the “new BELLOVISTO !”




Born in 1960 in Tokyo. Ryu Kosaka has designed much-talked-about restaurants and hotels in Japan and abroad, including the main dining room of “Mandarin Oriental Tokyo” and JAL’s “Sakura Lounge” for international flight passengers at Haneda Airport, and is also a winner of many international design awards.

Design Concept

“Create a sophisticated and comfortable space as Shibuya’s iconic bar which does not become dated 10 to 20 years in the future.”


An outstanding view unfolds beyond the windows, and an excellent space extends deep into the bar. The bar had walkways that were hardly utilized for seating customers and seating areas that were relatively unpopular among customers. We are redesigning these areas to make them more attractive, adding private rooms and intimate love-seats with an exclusive view of the lights at night, a casual tall bar counter, and box sofas to turn the bar into a special space which is both relaxed and sensuous to cater to a variety of occasions.

The signage in mixed media; wood and metal arranged alternately, gives an inkling of the bar’s full-scale selection of beverages and new encounters and experiences that may begin at BELLOVISTO. The striking, sweeping partition within the bar is deliberately designed to give a glimpse of the view and plays the role of heightening the sense of expectation to feel moved by the dramatic view that unfolds before them from the moment customers step into the bar and seating area.

The quiet seating area at the back, reached by walking past the bustle at the tall bar tables glimpsed through the curved walls, will become a luxuriant space surrounded by music, by repositioning the piano. New box sofas will be placed in areas near the windows and unobstructed views will be ensured by adjusting the height of the floor, transforming them into attractive seats with a sense of privacy. A new tall bar table area will be designed besides the bar counter, with impressive views behind, to create a vibrant space which our foreign customers can enjoy casually.

We are aiming to be a premium bar which will enjoy the endearment of our customers for the next 20 years as we create various and new backdrops.


Photographs are for reference only.