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A la carte Menu


■Fresh fish of the day en nage with Pernod sauce■

Extra fresh fish lightly salted, seaweed and its garlic purée
A dish served with a Pernod sauce and fall vegetables which make us think about south of France

JPY 3,400
(JPY 4,114)

■Japanese salmon marinated in puff pastry, onion cream■

Niigata salmon raised in spring water marinated and wrapped in puff pastry
Served with a creamy onion and lemon sauce

JPY 3,100
(JPY 3,630)

■Crab ravioli, bisque sauce and truffle emulsion■

Home-made raviolis stuffed with a French mushrooms duxelles and crab
A luxury dish with its tasty bisque sauce and its truffle based sauce

JPY 3,200
(JPY 4,598)

■Duck stew in cannelloni with two kind of sauces■

French duck leg stew in red wine wrapped into cannelloni and roasted
A savoury dish with its potatoes purée and its two sauces

JPY 3,100
(JPY 3,872)

■French pâté-en-croûte and duck, apple chutney and beets marinated■

The oldest and gastronomic pate en croute made with great skills with French cooked meats
Served with a spicy apple chutney and its beets marine

JPY 3,200
(JPY 3,872)

■Towel wrapped duck foie gras, girolle mushrooms jelly■

French foie gras lengthily cooked and wrapped in a towel
Served with a jelly made from girolle mushrooms

JPY 3,200
(JPY 4,598)


■Butterfish stir-fried, ratatouille and lemon confit sauce■

Butterfish fried with tasty cereals served with its ratatouille and Japanese sweet potato
Enjoy this dish with a perfect salted lemon sauce

JPY 4,000
(JPY 4,840)

■Red tilefish and seaweed steamed, red pepper and herbs sauce■

Tilefish simply steamed with seaweed served
with a tasty red pepper sauce for a perfect balance

JPY 4,400
(JPY 5,324)

■Abalone steamed, leek and butter sauce with caviar

Tasmania jade abalone lightly steamed served with leek and turnip consommé
Enjoy this dish with a rich caviar butter sauce

JPY 5,000
(JPY 6,050)


Well-known Bouillabaisse from “Marseille” redid by our Chef keeping all the main flavor

JPY 5,500
(JPY 6,655)


■Provencal beef stew■

French traditional beef stew in a new way with its beef cooked with provencal ingredients

JPY 4,400
(JPY 5,324)

■Deer roasted, celeriac and chestnut puree■

Japanese deer mea with low fat, tender and deliciously roasted
Served with celeriac and turnip puree to add a fall touch at the dish

JPY 4,600
(JPY 5,566)

■Roasted lamb and instantly smoked, ragout and beet toasted

“Lozère” French lamb gently roasted and then served just-smoked
A dish served with autumn beet grilled with ragout and herbs flavor butter

JPY 5,000
(JPY 6,050)

■Pigeon and cavolo nero wrap filled with foie gras, french mushrooms

“Bresse” French pigeon white meat with its cavolo nero foie gras wrap
A dish served with a celeriac puree French mushrooms and grappes

JPY 6,000
(JPY 7,260)

■Tournedos Rossini■

Japanese beef filet and French foie gras cooked in the way of Rossini
Soft potato purée and madeira wine sauce

JPY 8,300
(JPY 10,043)


■Praliné French mille-feuille, caramel icecream and caramelized apple■

Hazelnut flavor cream put between a crispy puff pastry
A perfect autumnal dessert served with caramel icecream and apple sauté

JPY 1,800
(JPY 2,178)

■Vanilla mousse and fig sauce, leaf looking feuillantine■

Fig sauce wrapped by a smooth vanilla mousse served with a crispy and sweet feuillantine

JPY 1,800
(JPY 2,178)

■Assortment of sherbet■

Assortment of sherbet and seasonarl fruit

JPY 1,600
(JPY 1,936)


With the exception of private rooms, please note only children over 8-years old can be served.


The above menu is a partial example of the available full menu.


Menu items are subject to change depending on seasonality.


We ask any guest with food allergies to inform the hotel staff when making reservations and/or upon arrival. (As ingredients of the dishes offered at the restaurants are all prepared in the same kitchen, allergy substances may be mixed in. Please also note that some ingredients may be changed.)


Price shown here are subject to an additional 10% service charge and 10% consumption tax (with the total corresponding price in parentheses).


Underage drinking and drunk driving are prohibited by law.

Seating Capacity

58 Seats

Private Room



2 rooms (from 6 to 12 persons/SalonA:6-8person SalonB:6-12person) 



Business Hours

11:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. (L.O.2:00 p.m.)

5:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m. (L.O.9:00 p.m.)


Lunch JPY 5,100(JPY 6,171) -
Dinner JPY 10,100(JPY 12,221) -

Dress Code

As the Tower's Restaurant "Coucagno" would like to facilitate a refined and pleasant experience for all of our guests, we ask for guests to follow a smart casual dress code. T-shirts, shorts and sandals are not permitted. Please note we may refuse admittance of guests in such attire. Your cooperation is sincerely appreciated.


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