「Coucagno」 A la carte Menu

A la carte Menu


◆Fresh fish en nage with Pastis flavour◆

Fresh fish lightly salted and lemon-flavoured with seasonal vegetables
and seaweeds A real south of France lookalike dish with its Patis sauce

JPY 3,872

◆Grilled long shellfish, steamed plant roots and truffle vinaigrette◆

Various seasonal vegetables steamed with shellfish Served with a black truffle vinaigrett

JPY 4,356

◆Crab ravioli, french bisque sauce and its aniseed-flavoured emulsion◆

Ravioli filled with japanese crab and mushrooms
A dish served with its rich bisque sauce and an anise foam

JPY 4,356

◆Lobster aigo boulido◆

Traditional soup from the south of France, aigo boulido cooked with lobster Provence
flavour with orange and basil

JPY 3,872

◆Rabbit porchetta, apple chutney and panisse◆

Stuffed roll made rabbit back meat, olives and dried tomatoes Served
with an apple chutney and a chickpea based traditional panisse

JPY 4,114

◆Duck and pigeon pâte-en-croûte◆

The traditional of the French gastronomy, the Pâté en croûte,
which required a high expertise and knowledge about cooked meats
Skilfully filled with duck, pigeon and foie gras

JPY 4,356


◆Pepper marinated slab sea bass Vegetables foam and balsamic sauce◆

Black pepper and herbs marinade sea bass slab grilled Broccoli and japanese leek sauce
served with balsamic vinegar

JPY 5,687

◆Grilled sea bream with scales, parsnip fritter and anchovy sauce◆

Sea bream grilled entirely with its scales for a complete culinary experience
Served with an anchovy sauce and two condiments for a dish of various flavour

JPY 6,050

◆Grouper confit with chorizo, aïoli sauce◆

Confit made with grouper cooked in rosemary and olive oil with hints of star anise
Enjoy the dish with seasonal vegetables and an aioli sauce

JPY 6,655


Well-known Bouillabaisse from“Marseille”redid by our Chef keeping all the main flavor

JPY 7,260


◆Provençal style braised beef tongue with polenta◆

Artichoke barigoule and the beef tongue previously slightly boiled
Enjoy this dish with a delicious Provence flavoured polenta

JPY 6,050

◆Pan-fried roast veal,cabbage-germ based stew◆

French veal delicately roasted, meat stew wrapped with cabbage germ
Enjoy with a light creamy sauce for a perfect winter dish

JPY 7,865

◆Japanese Sika deer roasted, celery root purée and caramelised great burdock◆

Very tender Sika deer from Hokkaido roasted with flavour accompanied
with caramelised burdock and jumbo nameko pickles for a perfect fall dish

JPY 6,655

◆Duck breast roasted, spices, purple carrot purée and pear◆

Challandais duck breast gently roasted with spices
Pear and its purée made of purple carrot served with a red wine sauce

JPY 8,470

◆Filet of beef grilled, french tapenade with truffle, stir-fried foie gras and panisse◆

Japanese filet of beef roasted served with a truffle tapenade
With a side of french foie gras stir-fried and a South of France chickpea flour savory panisse

JPY 14,520


◆Light hazelnuts and chocolate espuma
 red fruits sorbet◆

Chocolate espuma and crunchy tile with its red fruits sorbet
Enjoy this refined delicious dessert

JPY 2,420

◆Fromage blanc mousse wrapped into a mandarin
flavour based lemon sorbet◆

Bit of mandarin from Ehime in a fromage blanc foam
Enjoy the dessert with a lemon sorbet with a hint of ginger

JPY 2,178

◆Assortment of sherbet◆

Assortment of sherbet and seasonarl fruit

JPY 1,936


With the exception of private rooms, please note only children over 8-years old can be served.


The Prices include 13% service charge and 10% consumption tax.


Menu items may change according to ingredient availability.


We ask any guest with food allergies to inform the hotel staff when making reservations and/or upon arrival. (As ingredients of the dishes offered at the restaurants are all prepared in the same kitchen, allergy substances may be mixed in. Please also note that some ingredients may be changed.)


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Underage drinking and drunk driving are prohibited by law.

Seating Capacity

58 Seats

Private Room



2 rooms (from 6 to 12 persons/SalonA:6-8person SalonB:6-12person) 



Business Hours

11:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. (L.O.2:00 p.m.)

5:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m. (L.O.9:00 p.m.)


【Temporary Changes】

11:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. (L.O.2:00 p.m.)

5:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. (L.O.8:00 p.m.)


Lunch JPY 6,200 -
Dinner JPY 12,400 -

Dress Code

As the Tower's Restaurant "Coucagno" would like to facilitate a refined and pleasant experience for all of our guests, we ask for guests to follow a smart casual dress code. T-shirts, shorts and sandals are not permitted. Please note we may refuse admittance of guests in such attire. Your cooperation is sincerely appreciated.


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