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Satisfying in taste and volume, equal to high-quality restaurants

Services will further enhance a memorable stay with us.

Taste of Japan

Lunch:11:00~14:00 Dinner:17:00~22:00

Monthly Gozen


All year round
(An exclusion day : Special events date)




JPY 4,700

“Teriyaki” Chicken Rice Box with Japanese Clear Soup and Japanese Pickles

JPY 3,110

TEMPURA Rice Bowl with Miso Soup and Japanese Pickles
(Fried Shrimp, White Fish and 5 Kinds of Vegetables)

JPY 3,980

Japanese Beef Bowl with Miso Soup and Japanese Pickles

JPY 4,360

SOBA Noodles(Cold) with Shrimp Tempura Rice Ball

JPY 2,490


Hours:11:00~22:00 (Last Order)


Assorted Pastrami, Salami and Prosciutto

JPY 2,330

Grilled Sausage

JPY 2,600

Crispy Fried Chicken

JPY 2,740

Assorted Cheese

JPY 2,880


Mixed Green Salad

(M)JPY 1,780
(L)JPY 2,740

Caesar’s Salad

JPY 1,920

Chicken and Avocado Salad

JPY 1,920

Chicken Breast and Avocado Salad

JPY 2,460

Assorted Steamed Vegetables

JPY 1,920


Soup of the Day

JPY 960

Corn Potage Soup

JPY 960

Onion Gratin Soup

(M)JPY 1,230
(L)JPY 2,460


American Club House Sandwich

JPY 2,600

Reuben Sandwich

JPY 2,600


JPY 2,600

Croque Monsieur

JPY 2,600

Beef Big Hamburger

JPY 3,970

Chedder Cheese Big Hamburger

JPY 4,110

Double Beef Big Hamburger

JPY 5,200

Pasta, Curry & Pilaf

Spaghetti Bolognese

JPY 2,610

Spaghetti Peperoncino with Seafoods

JPY 2,610

Zuwai Crabmeat Cream Sauce Spaghetti

JPY 2,610

Lobster and Scallops, Cream Sauce Spaghetti

JPY 2,860

Stewed Beef Curry with Vegetables

JPY 2,600

Shrimp Bisque Curry

JPY 3,010

Special Black Indian Curry

JPY 3,560

Zuwai Crabmeat Pilaf with Mushrooms

JPY 2,880

Beef Stroganoff with Butter Rice

JPY 3,010

Beef Steak on Rice Box

JPY 3,830

Japanese Wagyu Beef Steak on Rice Box

JPY 5,470

Fish and meat dishes

Grilled Fish

JPY 2,880

Steamed Fish

JPY 2,880

Acqua Pazza

JPY 2,880

Grilled Scallops and Prawns

JPY 3,010

Fried Prawns

JPY 3,150

Grilled "MATSUZAKA" Pork

JPY 3,010

Grilled Chicken or TERIYAKI Chicken

JPY 3,010

Steamed Chicken Breast

JPY 3,290

Hamburg Steak(170g)

JPY 3,830

Cheese Hamburg Steak(170g)

JPY 4,110

Sirloin Steak (150g)

JPY 5,470

Sirloin Steak (250g)

JPY 7,250

Japanese Wagyu Beef Steak (200g)

JPY 8,890

Please choose a taste of sauce from the folloing if you order a Hamburg Steak or Sirloin Steak.
(Onion Garlic , Mushroom , Horseradish cream , Japanese)


Premium Cakes

JPY 1,000

Various Cakes

JPY 750

Ice Cream (Vanilla,Chocolate or Caramel)

JPY 1,120

Assorted Fruits

JPY 2,860


The Prices include 13% service charge and 10% consumption tax.


Menu items may change according to ingredient availability.


Please inform our staff if you have any food allergies.