How to get on the ALPICO Bus for Hakuba at Nagano Station

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How to get on the ALPICO Bus for Hakuba at Nagano Station



Getting out of the Station - 1/3

Once you are off the Shinkansen / Bullet Train, get through the ticket gate (only one). Then turn left towards the East exit.



Getting out of the station - 2/3

Once you have exited the ticket gate and turned left, you will face this hallway. Follow it until you arrive at the staircase / escalator / elevator.

*** There is a Convenience Store - New Days.
If you are taking a late bus, please buy food and drinks here as when you arrive at Hakuba, it will be a bit harder to buy sustenance (Lawson is close to the Happo Bus Station though - 1 min.)



Getting out of the station - 3/3

You will arrive in front of stairs / escalators. If you have a lot of luggage, please take the elevator on the left.
If you use the elevator, go to ground floor.
If you use the stairs / escalator you will have to turn left again and use another staircase (next picture).



Getting to ground level - 1/2

After the first staircase / escalator turn left and go down the second one. You will arrive on the ground floor where the bus to Hakuba (Alpico company) - Stop number 26 - is located.



Getting to ground level - 2/2

If you already have your ticket, go ahead to the Hakuba Bus Stop [26] which is located at the end. Please skip the next picture.

If you do not have your ticket, please check the next picture.

In the bus, and or any staff around the bus terminal

In the bus, and or any staff around the bus terminal


Buying your ticket

Ask for a bus ticket to Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal - If you arrive early morning and/or after 7:30pm, you can buy your ticket from the bus driver.
Any other time, staff who would be in front of the bus, sell you ticket.



Get on the bus

Once the bus has arrived, show your ticket to the driver and he will take care of your luggage. There are power outlets in the seats(you will need a japanese adapter) and free wifi available on the bus. You will probably have to queue up as the winter season is pretty busy. If the bus is full and you were not able to get on it, Alpico Company usually send another one within 15 minites.

It takes 1h10mins.from Nagano to Hakuba.
Please get off at Happo Bus Terminal - Information Center.

Send us an email on the bus early on please to tell us when you are going to arrive or, once you arrived, give us a call so we can come and pick you up.

If you have any inquiry or question, feel free to contact us through email or phone
Email: hakuba-h.ro@tokyuhotels.co.jp
Phone: 0261 72 3001

Safe travels!