Combatting Covid-19

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Combatting Covid-19

Cooperating with the National Declaration of State of Emergency, Hakuba Tokyu Hotel closed its doors for approximately 6 weeks of quarantine while keeping a close watch on the progress of the Pandemic. Keeping in order with the new strategy put forth from the Council of Covid-19 Preventative Measure Specialists - ‘New lifestyles’ - The Hotel has recommenced business as of June 1st. Here at the Hakuba Tokyu Hotel, our first priority is the health and safety of our guests and staff, and as such, we offer safe ways to experience a daily dose of resort life with Relaxation and Peace of Mind.

All Public Spaces

Expansion of sterilisation efforts

  • Daily thorough ventilation of Lobby.

  • Contactless hand sterilising stations posted at hotel entrance and in front of elevators to ensure points of thoroughfare are not contaminated.

  • High-contact points such as door handles, light switches and elevator buttons are sterilised with chlorine based disinfectant at least 4 times per day.

  • The Smoking Room has been limited to 2 users at one time.


Enhancing the Safety of Guests and Staff

  • Transparent divider screens placed at the Front Desk.

  • Hand Sterilising pumps are easy to locate.

  • The Staff wear masks and gloves.

  • Regular sterilisation of the pens and cashtrays deployed for guest-use.

  • During the Check-in process we confirm the state of the guest’s health, even taking temperature if deemed necessary, and inquire as to their recent travel history to calculate risk of infection.

  • The cleaners sterilise high-contact points within the guest rooms, such as door knobs, light switches, TV remotes, telephones, etc.

  • Also during room cleaning the windows are opened to change up the air being circulated through the ventilation.


Enhancing the Safety of Guests and Staff

  • Transparent divider screens placed at cash register.

  • Contactless Hand Sterilisation stations provided for guests.

  • Staff members wear masks.

  • A Doorman will confirm that a guest has washed their hands before allowing them entry into the restaurant.

  • High contact points such as tables, counters, chairs, etc - are sterilised after use.

  • Guests will be guided to sit in a deliberately spaced out seating plan to comply with social distancing measures.

  • There is a limit to the size of a guests’ party that will be enforced upon entry.

  • Serving staff that directly handle glassware and plates, etc, will all be wearing gloves.

  • All buffet options have been discontinued.

Conferences and Ceremonies

Enforcing the safety of staff and all guests who come for meetings or gatherings of any sort.

  • Transparent divider screens placed at counters.

  • Contactless Hand Sterilising stations prepared for guests.

  • Staff are wearing masks.

  • Event participants will all be surveyed about their current health conditions before attending the event.

  • The Event Hall will be arranged with space at and in between tables to accommodate social distancing policies.

  • Buffet style catering will not be offered.

Strategies for preventing the spread of Corona Virus among our valuable staff members

Mask use from clock-in to clock-out, daily health reports and more

  • Enforced policy of regular mask use at work.

  • Strict policy of sterilising footwear on entry and exit of hotel premises, as well as frequent hand wash and gargling.

  • Before clocking-in for the day, our staff fill out a health report and record their body temperature with the understanding they will be kept at home for 2 weeks if anything is amiss.

  • Regular sterilisation of Staff quarters and amenities.

  • All visiting members of the many partner services we employ are required to be masked and sterilise their hands before stepping onto the premises.

  • The Staff food hall has had its seating rearranged to comply with social distancing policy.

  • The Staff break room has likewise been rearranged.

  • The Staff uniforms are more frequently deployed to cleaning services.

  • The Staff entrance has been equipped with a footwear sterilising mat.

Our humble requests to you

  • Please utilise the alcohol based sterilising equipment we have supplied for you.

  • Please wear a mask to negate some of the fears and worries of other guests.

  • Please refrain from coming if you come down with a fever or are otherwise unwell.

  • Please be understanding and cooperate with our social distancing measures.

  • This includes not crowding the hotel elevators.

  • And leaving space between yourselves and other guests sitting in the lobby.

  • Please do not crowd the front desk, but line up patiently with space between yourselves.

  • Please accept our indirect handling of your money using the cashtrays provided.

  • Please inform a staff member immediately if your health takes a turn for the worse.


We have several English speaking staff, so please do not be afraid.