Aromatherapy Treatment Reopening - Corona Virus(Covid-19) Guidelines

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Aromatherapy Treatment Reopening - Corona Virus(Covid-19) Guidelines

Due to the Japanese government declaring the State of Emergency caused by the appearance of the Covid-19 in April 2020, the Hakuba Tokyu Hotel closed in order to protect the health of its guests and staff members.

And the end of May, The Japanese government declared the State of Emergency was no longer enforced and that we could progressively reopen.

Whilst the hotel has been opened from the 1st of June, our salon was still closed.
new guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19 have been published by experts that allowed us to reopen the Aromatherapy Treatment service to our guests by following them thoroughly.


June 20th, 2020

Opening hours:

4pm - 11pm(L.O.11:30pm)


available to inside guests only


  • Soothing legs (30min - legs both sides)

  • Relaxing legs (45min - legs both sides + reflexology)

  • Unwind half body (45min - back + legs' bag)

  • Gustomize (60min - back + legs both sides)

  • Wagusa Herb "refresh" (45min - Back + legs' back)


3 mix of herbs are available to choose from

  • Lavender / Laurel / Geranium

  • Lemongrass / Juniper Berry / Pine

  • Rosemary / Eucalyptus / Cypress

Depending on how the situation progressed (Covid-19) there is a possibility of our opening hours to change and / or that we may close.

Corona Virus (Covid-19) Preventive measures - Aromatherapy

  • Thorough ventilation of the salon after every guest of 5 mins minimum. The window will be open and with the use of a fan the air ventilation will be more efficient.

  • Places where the guest are likely to touch will be sanitized with an alcohol based solution.

Guests and Staff members' health is our priority

  • Alcohol based solution dispensers will be accessible in the hotel's key areas

  • It is compulsory that our stall wear masks and may wear face shields depending on the situation.

  • In the salon and in key areas, pens, trays and all small items that the guest might touch will be sanitized.

  • The guest's health status will be asked by our staff when accessing the salon.

  • While cleaning areas of the hotel, we are ventilating them at the same time.

What we ask our guests to do

  • Please wear masks before entering the hotel.

  • Please use the alcohol based solution dispenser located at the entrance of the hotel(feel free to use those that are located in key areas of the hotel regularly during our stay).

  • If you do not feel well, please refrain from coming to the hotel.