Restaurant "Chamonix"

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7:00~10:00 (L.O. 9:30)


JPY2,273 (JPY2,750)

Junior meal

JPY1,100 (JPY1,331)

4 to 6 years old

JPY560 (JPY665)

Up to 3 years old



Shinshu Soul Food

Buckwheat crepes (Galette)

Japanese food


*Steamed Vegetables
*Fish of the day, Fried or Stewed
*Thick and Juicy Japanese Omelette
*Rice, Soba Porridge, Seasonal Miso Soup
*Kamaboko Fish Cake

*Pickled assortment
*Natto (Fermented Soybeans)

*Soft Boiled Egg
*Salted Squid
*Nagano Dumplings
*Soba dumpling soup
*Nozawa Greens
*Pickled Celery

Western food


*Cheese Ham Omelette
*Scrambled Eggs
*Beef Rissoles
*Sausages, Bacon, Deep Fried Cheese Doughnut
*Creamy Corn Soup

*Pot-au-feu, Chicken Ajillo
*Potato Wedges
*Deli Ham
*Buckwheat Galette

Drink & Dessert


*Yoghurt, Fig Compote, Goma Pudding
*Tropical Fruit
*Breads and Pastries
*Assorted Cereals
*Assorted Jams
*Juice (Apple, Orange, Tomato)
*Dairy Milk and Soy
*Coffee, Tea, Matcha and other hot drinks

*Pasteurized milk
*Sweet Soba Dumpling Soup
*Mochi Dango


Due to COVID-19, changes or suspensions of business hours may occur. For the latest updates, please contact us directly.


The Prices include 10% service charge and 10% consumption tax.


All menu items are subject to change according to seasonality and availability.


Please inform our staff know if you have any food allergies.


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By law, alcohol may not be served to drivers or persons under 20 years of age.

Seating Capacity

64 Seats

Private Room




Business Hours

7:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. (L.O.9:30 a.m.)


Morning buffet time

5:30 p.m.-9:00 p.m. (L.O.8:30 p.m.)


Dinner time


Buffet breakfast (J/W) JPY2,783


Junior meal JPY1,331


4 to 6 years old JPY665


Up to 3 years old complimentary


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Serene atmosphere. Traditional Japanese flavours. Relish in the divine combination of fresh, local goods. (If you'd like to choose one of our two special courses, please let us know in advance)