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All treatments are Aromatherapy massages with essential oils extracted from natural plants. Plants manage to survive and thrive in nature's most difficult environments. By making use of them, we can stimulate the body's innate healing ability. We blend different essential oils according to your state of body and mind, based on the concepts 'calming', 'detoxication' and 'revitalization' in order to relax your body and release your mind.

As of June 20th, the salon is back in session.
Please read the following guidelines in advance.

Reservation & Inquiries

Dial 6 (front desk) or Dial 75 (Treatment room)

Business Hours

PM 3:00 - 12:00

(Summer and Winter Holiday Seasons)

All Other Dates

PM 4:00 - 11:00

Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays
※Open every day during Summer & Winter Holiday Seasons

Treatment MENU

≪ Body Treatment ≫

A. Customized Treatment
~Express Balancing~ (60min.)

Aim for 'Balancing' of mind & body through slow rhythmic strokes on two or three of your selected areas (back, legs, arms or neckline).


B. Destresser (90min.)

Ease nerves and achieve a deeper relaxation by adding a head or abdomen massage to a whole body treatment (back, legs, neckline, arms).


C. Muscle Relaxer (90min.)

A Shiatsu back massage is followed by Aromatherapy treatment on particular areas of the body (back, legs, neckline, arms) to relieve tired muscles.


D. Energizing Full Body (120min.)

Start this treatment by warming your feet in a hot bath with your favorite essential oils. Be healed with Reflexology & whole body treatment, followed by a head massage. Treatment oil is selected based on your energy levels and physical needs.


E. Unwind Half Body (45min.)

Concentrated treatment on 'back & sholders' or 'back & legs'.


F. Soothing Legs (30min.)

Ease stiffness and release swelling of your legs by stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic flow.


G. Relaxing Legs (45min.)

Reflexology is added to 'Soothing legs' to stimulate organs and increase their functions.


H. 'Mother to be' Care (60min.)

Back & legs treatment lying on your side, plus neckline or arms. Ease your nerves and relax your body for you and your baby with safe and mild essential oil.


≪ Facial Treatment ≫

Your face & neckline contain a great number of delicate nerves. Treating this part of your body is essential for deep relaxation.
After a soothing, organic facial cleanse, the aromatherapist will stimulate blood flow & lymphatic function with experienced hands and essential oil. You will experience a clear faceline, brighter skin, and natural aromatic 'calming'.

I. Mini Facial

Cleansing, scrubbing, oil treatment of neckline & face with essential oil personalised to your skin type. Simply 'Refreshing'!.


J. Mini Facial & Mask
~Brightening~ (70min.)

A natural cray mask that clears pores and removes waste is added to 'Refreshing', as well as a head massage. Soothe any weary nerves and 'Brighten' your day with this treatment.


≪ Body & Facial ≫

K. ~Blessing~ (90min.)

The same contents as ~Brightening~ with an additional 20min. customized body treatment. Activating lymph flow to stimulate detoxification, 'Bless' yourself with this treatment for a clear and buoyant mind.


L. ~Revitalizing~ (120min.)

Whole body treatment & head massage is added to ~Brightening~. For guests who would like to experiance a deep healing.
Expect 'Revitalization' after detoxification and a calming foot bath with your favorite aroma.



Please dial 6(front desk) or 75(treatment room) for inquiries and reservation.


In case of cancellation, please be aware that notification is expected at least two hours before the scheduled appointment time.


Please expect fifteen - twenty minutes of consultation in addition to your treatment period.


For expecting mothers and those experiencing menstrual period, we can arrange your treatment. Please make inquiries.