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Aromatherapy treatment is a massage with essential oil extracted from natural plants.
Pleasant aroma & comfort of hands touch not only reduce muscle tensions, coldness and swollenness
but are also desirable to 'heal' emotions such as sadness or anxiety.

SCHEDULE for 2023 end year - 2024 new year

till December 25 : NORMAL business (closed on Tue. and Wed.)
December 26 : CLOSED
December 27 : OPEN
December 28 : CLOSED
December 29 - January 3 : OPEN
January 4 - 5 : CLOSED
After January 6 : NORMAL business (closed on Tue. and Wed.)

Reservation & Inquiries

Dial 75 (Treatment room) or Dial 6 (Front desk)

Business Hours

3:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays


for outside guests (for hotel guests)

Treatment MENU

≪ Body Treatment ≫

A. ~Mei~ 'Brightning'
(60min. or 90min.)

You could experience most 'aromatherapy-like' massage which is calming and refreshing. It is arranged and developed from basic Swedish massage. Essential oil chosen by yourself lead you to either 'soothing' or 'activating'.

60min. / JPY13,500 (JPY12,500)
90min. / JPY19,000 (JPY17,500)

B. ~Totonoe~ 'Balancing'
(60min. or 90min.)

Moderate pressure reaching to deep tissue makes you sense your body and leads you to deep relaxation. The aim of this treatment is to balance your body and mind while softening the tensions within your muscles and nerves.

60min. / JPY13,500 (JPY12,500)
90min. / JPY19,000 (JPY17,500)

C. ~Kai~ 'Refreshing'

Shiatsu massage is followed by oil massage onto back, legs and neckline.
You will experience finger pressure as well as comfortable dynamic movements of oil massage.

90min. / JPY19,000 (JPY17,500)

D. ~Qi~ 'Energizing'

Reflexology on the soles of your feet is added to whole body treatment. This stimulation of Reflexology increases flow of Qi and charges vitality, that's why this is very therapuetic.

120min. / JPY24,000 (JPY22,500)

E. ~Sou~ 'Unwinding'

* Reflexology on soles of feet is added to treatment on both sides of legs.
* Half Body: Please choose two areas out of back, arms, legs and neckline.

45min. / JPY9,900 (JPY9,000)

≪ Facial Treatment ≫

'Our Aromatherapy Treatment collaborates with 'amritara', a Japanese brand which produces genuine organic skincare products.
Feel the wisdom of natural plants harnessing our innate ability, 'buoyancy'.
Facial treatment calms your emotions and releases stress, it sharpens face line and brightens skin tone.

F. ~Cho~ 'Clearing'
(45min. or 70min.)

Cleansing is followed by an aromatherapy treatment with blended essential oils on your back, neck line and face.
Scrubbing and a head massage are added to the 70-minute course. Lymphatic flow around the neck and head is well stimulated to 'clear' your body and mind

45min. / JPY13,500 (JPY12,500)
70min. / JPY18,000 (JPY16,500)

≪ Body & Facial ≫

G. ~Shirabe~ 'Tuning'
(90min. or 120min.)

Body treatment on either your back or backside of your legs is added to your facial and neckline. 'Tune in to yourself' is a purpose of this treatment.

90min. / JPY21,000 (JPY19,500)
120min. / JPY27,000 (JPY25,500)

SPECIAL : Hakuba Retreat

Locally extracted essential oil 'Kuromoji' is exclusively blended for this special 'Retreat'.
This whole body treatment framed by your therapist includes a facial treatment to feel the most 'Healing'.
We hope this treatment will be a superior inner self journey.

150min. / JPY35,000 (JPY33,000)


Prices are for outside guests (for hotel guests)


Please dial 6(front desk) or 75(treatment room) for inquiries and reservation.


In case of cancellation, please be aware that notification is expected at least two hours before the scheduled appointment time.


Please expect fifteen - twenty minutes of consultation in addition to your treatment period.


For expecting mothers and those experiencing menstrual period, we can arrange your treatment. Please make inquiries.

Reservations and / or questions