The Sea Resort Hotels Collection

The Sea Resort Hotels Collection

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Here are the amazing sea resort hotels by the Tokyu Hotels Group! We have created a virtual background image (16:9 size) for your online meeting or virtual trips, which will make you feel like you’re in travelling from your own room. We hope you’ll enjoy staying with us virtually!


Expose ocean

  • Izu-Imaihama Tokyu Hotel

  • Shimoda Tokyu Hotel

  • Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel & Resorts


Gaze ocean

  • Tokyo Bay Tokyu Hotel

  • The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu

Expose ocean

Izu-Imaihama Tokyu Hotel

Imaihama where you feel excitement and serenity at the same time.

Natural, free, easy and very enriching… The comfortable atmosphere of the resort is felt everywhere.

The beautiful views of the ocean can be seen from the windows.

You’ll have the beautiful ocean view, which changes every season, everytime you visit the hotel and the sea breeze can be enjoyed from the balcony.

Enjoy staying at this calm and luxurious resort, with the sound of waves at every turn.

Imaihama Beach

From a long time, Imaihama Beach has been recognised as the most beautiful stretch of sandy beach in the area, dotted with pine trees. The stretch of shallow water is called “Izumaiko-no-hama” (the Beach of Izumaiko) and features crystal clear waters, separated north and south by the huge rock in the center of the coast.
The south beach in front of the hotel will seem like your own, as it’s hidden and has space for you to relax even during peak season.

Enjoy the stay

Kouzu Sakura Matsuri
(Kouzu Cherry Blossom Festival)

The Kouzu Sakura blooms for a month from early February to early March, featuring a pretty pink flower. The season in Kouzu comes earlier than other cherry blossoms. The period of the cherry blossom beginning is celebrated through festivals, with many events held around the area and many visitors coming to see the blossom.

Outdoor Swimming PooL

Speaking of resort hotels, the garden pool is exclusively for the guests and warmly welcomes you. It also has a children's pool and will open every summer. You can use the changing room before check-in as well as after check-out.

Book Cafe - Books & Cafe

With the concept “view the horizon”, we create the place which have the horizontal bookshelf and a huge table guests can gather. Have a great time with our great book selection, including photo books and English books about art, architect interior, nature, design and fashion, and our original cafe menu.

Onsen & SPA

Whilst having the onsen, you’ll enjoy the sound of the waves from the Imaihama Beach and overhead the sky will be covered with glittering stars, a truly exceptional experience.

At the treatment salon ZEN, you can also have first class aroma therapy whilst surrounded by the Japanese sounds and beauty.

Shimoda Tokyu Hotel

Enjoy the beauty ocean and sound of the crashing waves, a truly luxurious and relaxing moment of your trip.

56m above sea level, the Shimoda Tokyu Hotel has beautiful views of which you can see as far as Izu Shichi Island on a clear day. The rich blessings of nature such as local fresh foods from the mountain and the sea, onsen and seasonal flowers should not be missed.

Let your mind drift in the special atmosphere

The stunning blue ocean before your eyes and the beautiful garden palm leaves swaying in the sea breeze will welcome you.

Walking on the beach and by the pool in the summer, enjoy the stay in this unusual place surrounded by the ocean and blue sky without the city's hustle and bustle.

Play in the ocean around the hotel

The ocean in front of the hotel provides you with various opportunities such as watching sea animals living in the ocean in the Shimoda area, which can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

Enjoy the stay

Walking in the flowers

We recommend walking in Izu Shimoda area surrounding by the seasonal flowers such as Kawazu cherry blossom, weeping cherry, Yoshino-cherry, hydrangea and aloe. You can walk the courses without any guides or maps as well as the events and the guide tours held by the tourist association.

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Speaking of resort hotels, the garden pool is exclusively for the guests and warmly welcomes you. It also has a children's pool and will open every summer. You can use the changing room before check-in as well as after check-out.

Ocean bath Walking

This scenic beautiful street is prepared to enjoy the nature in Izu Shimoda. All walking points attract you with the ancient heritage, the oldest shrine in Izu area and the deep history in the Edo period including the turbulent period as well as the flourished period famous as the port awaiting the wind. Seeing the flowers in the spring and bathing your feet in the sea allow you to enjoy everything through your five senses by walking.

Relaxation surrounded by the beautiful ocean and nature

Onsen is one of the blessings of nature in Izu Shimoda. The smooth and crystal clear spring has a soft and pure texture. The name of the relaxation salon “arômes de bonheur” means a scent of happiness. With pure essential oil, this special treatment gives you the opportunity to switch off through the smells of sea, wind and trees.

Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel & Resorts

Heading to the South.
300 kilometers away from Okinawa Island

Miyakojima, the coral paradise to heal the mind and body by the ocean, sky and sun.

Staying in the guest rooms with the ocean view

The guest rooms located next to the Maehama Beach are designed with plenty of space and huge balconies, which gives you the rich experienceof the sunset with the sea breeze.

Maehama Beach

This is the resort hotel located in front of the Yonaha Maehama Beach which is known as the most beautiful ocean in the East. There are various activities where you can fully enjoy the nature around the hotel. Feel at peace and enjoy the view of the azure sea and white sandy beach in front of you when staying at Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel & Resorts.

Enjoy the stay

The activities when staying in Miyakojima with the resort vibes

In front of your eyes is the most beautiful sandy beach in the East, Maehama Beach.
Enjoy the stay in Miyakojima and attractive activities where you can feel the vibe of the resort.

Sanshin & Eisa drum

The artistic life in Okinawa such as singing with sanshin and playing the eisa drum will light up the night in Miyakojima.
Have an amazing time with singing and dancing together.

Special breakfast by cooking in a iron pot with over the fire.

Using firepower with firewood cutting by cob, the rice with the soft and chewy texture serves you the special breakfast in Miyakojima.

The luxurious relaxation

The island spa “Yururia”, the happiness in the god island, will bring you the relaxation and reborn moment.

Gaze ocean

Tokyo Bay Tokyu Hotel

The beginning of the sea story

The attractive design and performance

This whole hotel is designed as if you are under the sea is evident throughout, from the seabed concept on the ground floor, and ocean, calm and wind themes on the higher floors.

The resortfull views

Tokyo Bay Tokyu Hotel is located next to the seaside with plenty of resort vibes. The amazing and sparkly starry sky spreads in front of the wide windows of the guest rooms and restaurant. At the top of the deluxe floor, you can also enjoy the huge sky and ocean 60 m above the ground.

Convenient access

The free shuttle bus runs from the hotel to the Tokyo Disney Resort in 25 minutes and the JR Shin Urayasu Station in 10 minutes, which is very convenient for guests who enjoy the Tokyo Disney Resort from the early morning to the late night. We also have a convenient airport shuttle bus to Narita airport from the hotel on the premises and the one to Haneda airport from the close bus stop.

The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu

The hotel in front of the huge ferris wheel at Minato Mirai

Minato Mirai

Located in the center of the area in Yokohama Minato Mirai, the hotel brings you the beautiful night view as well as the ocean view. We will welcome you to high quality and relaxation place with omotenashi mind.

Guest house

On the balcony of the guest house, enjoy the beautiful view in Yokohama in the breeze.

Luxurious relaxation time

Checking in at the top floor Bay Club Lounge. your stay at the Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu just begins. This exclusive “Bay Club Floor” for the guests who have the special key has the most fabulous to experience.

The sea resort hotels

Virtual Background

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Izu-Imaihama Tokyu Hotel
Shimoda Tokyu Hotel
Miyakojima Tokyu Hotel & Resorts
Tokyo Bay Tokyu Hotel
The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu

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