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Here are the amazing mountain resort hotels by the Tokyu Hotels Group! We have created a virtual background image (16:9 size) for your online meeting or virtual trips, which will make you feel like you’re ravelling from your own room. We hope you’ll enjoy staying with us virtually!

Tateshina Tokyu Hotel

Tateshina Tokyu Hotel

Expose mountains

  • Urabandai Grandeco Tokyu Hotel

  • Hakuba Tokyu Hotel

  • Tateshina Tokyu Hotel

Fujisan Mishima Tokyu Hotel

Fujisan Mishima Tokyu Hotel

Gaze mountains

  • Fujisan Mishima Tokyu Hotel

  • Toyama Excel Hotel Tokyu

Expose ocean

Urabandai Grandeco Tokyu Hotel

Experience the perfect 'resort life' as you find peace in the natural surroundings.

You can leave your daily life behind by staying at the hotel which is located at an altitude of 1,000 meters.

Luxury Room

The special room at this luxury resort promises special moments.

Mountains, lakes, greenery, lights, water, wind, the colour of the sky in the Urabandai area.

Enjoy your relaxing stay and lose sense of time in places filled with great nature in the Urbandai area.

Enjoy the stay

Onsen "Bunano-yu"

The hot springs are great for your skin, and the Bunano-yu onsen welcomes all guests and all ages. The outdoor hot bath was refurbished with modern granite for the male areas and with hinoki decorations for the female areas. You’ll enjoy the onsen in any season with the calm green garden in summer and the beautiful snow in winter.

The closest hotel to the amazing night sky in Urabandai

At an altitude of 1,040 meters, Urabandai Grandeco Tokyu Hotel offers beautiful stargazing opportunities as the closest hotel to the amazing night sky. You can lose sense of time and experience a truly magical setting.

Grandeco Resort

There are many various activities you can enjoy every season in the Grandeco Resort. Enjoy the great nature in the national park in the summer and the beautiful powder snow during the winter months.

Library in the forest

We have over 300 selected books including best sellers and new trending books in the library. They will bring you to another place in the plateau resort.

Hakuba Tokyu Hotel

Bringing you to the foot of the Northern Alps and experience the great nature of the area.

Known globally as the location of the Nagano Winter Olympics, this resort is located at an altitude of 3,000 meters in beautiful mountains, with various seasonal trees and flowers around the grounds.

The decor of the hotel has been designed around the concept of "harmony with nature"

Hakuba Tokyu Hotel stands with a luxurious presence in the forest, based upon European style and aesthetics. We offer elegant stays as the luxury hotel in the Alps.

Wadano-no-mori (the forest of Wadano) from the balcony

Enjoy a shinrin-yoku, forest bathing on the balcony, and enjoy the sound of birds singing all around you.

Enjoy the stay

Various Activities

Hakuba is a rich resort with various activities to do all year round. Surrounded by the great nature and mountains of the Northern Alps, Hakuba is known as the sports resort where visitors can enjoy nature activities such as climbing and skiing.


After enjoying the great nature in Hakuba by taking part in outdoor activities such as trekking, the onsen in the hotel will take care of your tired body which is called the "Hakuba Happo Onsen", which has one of the highest pH values in Japan.

Hakuba Happo-One

Since the Happo-One is maintained as the promenade of Happo One Nature Trail from the first cairn to the third cairn, this is easier to trek even for beginners. The scenery of the mountains which is reflected on to the Happo Pond is stunning. The journey takes between an hour or an hour and a half.


Hakuba Tokyu Hotel features various and high quality cuisine options at the Japanese restaurant "Manyo" and the western restaurant "Chamonix".

Tateshina Tokyu Hotel

A classic, luxury resort which is situated in the great nature of Tateshina

Located an altitude of 1300 meters, the straight road into the forest of Tateshina is defined by a natural arch of beautiful trees.

The hotel building is a classic Western style mountain resort, where you can experience the distinctive and elegant atmosphere created over many years.
The smell of firewood is embedded into the building, with the huge pillars located in the lobby and beams decorated with engravings by hands. All of these features show our dedication to "Omotenashi".

Our symbolic fireplace in the hotel lobby

The big cone-shaped fireplace in the lobby is symbolic of our hotel, which has been loved for years by our guests. The background has been made by seasonal forest scenery and plenty of natural light, and is often the location where guests relax and enjoy themselves.

Various colourful scenery across the seasons ignite all of your senses

The garden in the forest features various different colours each season.
During the spring, the forest comes to life with new trees and light green leaves, often spouting beautiful wild flowers which will welcome you alongside the sights of the mountains of Yatsugatake.

Enjoy the stay

Seasonal cuisine in Shinshu

Having a local dish is one of the important memories during international trips. In Tateshina Tokyu Hotel, we create each dish carefully and with well selected local ingredients, related to stories of Tateshina for bother western and Japanese dishes.

Our guest rooms with garden views have large windows which overlook the amazing forest.

The mezonet rooms can be shared with friends or family as they have second floors. The individual cottages located in the forest are great to experience the nature.. We prepare various guest rooms and experiences depending on the style of your stay.

Kayama-no-yu (Kayama Onsen)

A few minutes walking from the hotel, Kayama-no-yu is a spa resort with a single hot spring of weak alkali which is soft and works for the recovery from fatigue, neuralgia and joint pain. There is an indoor bath, stream of water cascading and a sauna as well as an outdoor bath.

Garden pool

It's worth visiting Tateshina in the summer to experience the fresh air whilst in the garden pool. It is a great experience to have a pool surrounded by the greens in the highlands.

Gaze ocean

Fujisan Mishima Tokyu Hotel

"Be at One with Fuji's energy", Fujisan Mishima Tokyu Hotel grand open on 30th June 2020

Mishima used to flourish as the post-town on the Tokaido road which was a key route in Japan during the Edo period. It is a great location to access both popular resorts in Japan including Mt. Fuji, Hakone and Izu area and tourist cities including Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. You'll be attracted to Mt. Fuji and the wider Mishima area through the guest rooms with the amazing scenery of Mt. Fuji, the rooftop hot bath and the restaurant with local fresh foods.

Viewing Bath

Our Fuji-no-yu which is on the top floor and 60 meters above the ground offers special moments only to the guests who stay at the hotel. There are both the indoor baths where you can have dynamic views of Mt. Fuji and the outdoor bath where you'll experience the fresh air of the Mishima area. Enjoy our rooftop bath thoroughly.


45 minutes by a bullet train outside of the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, the hotel is just a minute away from the South Exit of Mishima Station via the Tokaido Shinkansen. The location is easier and can be your base hotel to travel to neighboring areas such as onsen resorts in Hakone and Izu in your flexible plans.

Toyama Excel Hotel Tokyu

Next to Toyama Station

Toyama Excel Hotel Tokyu is located next to Toyama Station, and you can also access Toyama Airport in 20 minutes driving. Guests can have a dynamic panoramic view of great mountains from the hotel. The hotel is useful not only for accommodation and restaurants but also parties, meetings and banquets.

The amazing views compliment the delicious dishes

On the top floor, we have two restaurants, both Japanese and Western. The Japanese restaurant "Matsuya" serve dishes created by fresh seasonal seafood from the sea of Japan, and the Western restaurant "Ricco Monte" is bright, inviting and has plenty of sunlight. You'll enjoy the sophisticated flavors whilst having the great scenery from the top floor.

The sophisticated decor with simple and modern interiors

With 210 guest rooms in total located from the 8th floor to the 14th floor, the room decor reflects the nature of the surrounding areas. Tateyama-renpo’s motif is used for the guest rooms on the east side and Kureha-kyuryo’s motif which is used for the ones on the west side.

The sea resort hotels

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Urabandai Grandeco Tokyu Hotel
Hakuba Tokyu Hotel
Tateshina Tokyu Hotel
Fujisan Mishima Tokyu Hotel
Toyama Excel Hotel Tokyu

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