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Buffet breakfast(J/W)


Junior meal


Up to 6 years old



A good day starts with a hearty breakfast.

We offer a wide variety of Japanese and Western dishes in a buffet style.

An example of a menu

We offer "delicious food from Hyogo Prefecture" such as vegetables and eggs from Hyogo Prefecture, bread from popular local Kobe bakeries, and local popular gourmet food.

  • Chinese-style roast chicken of “Tajimadori”

  • soft-boiled egg made from chicken eggs from Hyogo Prefecture

  • Mapo tofu made with tofu made from the famous water at the foot of Mt. Rokko

  • Wasabi flavored komatsuna boiled

  • Marinated spring cabbage and tuna

  • “Bokkake”~Beef tendon and konjac stewed in sweet soy sauce~

  • “Akashiyaki”~fluffy dumplings with octopus, a local specialty food of Akashi City~

  • onion soup made with onions from Awaji Island

  • fried fish cake with Awaji Island onions and dried young sardines

  • Pizza toast made with bread from Isuzu Bakery

  • French toast made with baguettes from Isuzu Bakery

  • Tommy's Anshoku ~Bread with red bean paste~

  • homemade pudding made with eggs from Hyogo Prefecture and milk from the foot of Mt. Rokko

  • Pound cake made with eggs from Hyogo Prefecture and milk from the foot of Mt. Rokko

  • Plain yogurt made with milk from the foot of Mt. Rokko

  • “Hinohikari” rice from Hyogo Prefecture

  • Japanese seasoned rice made with “Hinohikari” rice from Hyogo Prefecture

  • Miso soup made with Rokko miso

  • milk from the foot of Mt. Rokko

Japanese meal

  • grilled fish (salmon, mackerel)

  • KIMPIRAGOBO ~burdock roots cooked in soy sauce and sugar~

  • Japanese omlette

  • NATTO ~fermented soybeans~

  • toasted and seasoned laver(seaweed)

  • Chirimenjako(young sirdine) and grated Japanese radish

  • pickled plum

  • pickled vegetables

Western meal

  • croissant

  • denish bread

  • Tofu break

  • raisins roll

  • strawberryjam

  • honey

  • butter

  • margarine

  • olive oil

  • corn flakes

  • granola

  • scrambled eggs

  • bacon

  • sausage

  • soup of the day(corn,pumpkin,tomato,etc. on a daily basis)


  • greenleafs

  • coleslaw

  • sliced onion

  • mini tomato

  • potato salad

  • corn

  • cucumber

Dressing changes daily, and 3 types are always available

  • non-oil japanese style

  • sesame

  • caesar

  • thousand island

  • italian,etc. on a daily basis


  • fruits cocktail

  • Matcha flavored Warabimochi

  • fruits changes daily, and 2 types are always available(grapefruits,pineapple,banana,etc.)


  • tomato juice

  • tea

  • green tea

can also drink the following drinks from the drink dispenser

  • coffee

  • coffee with milk

  • cafe mocha

  • cocoa

  • orange juice

  • etc.

  • The prices include 10% service charge and 10% consumption tax

  • All menu items are subject to change according to seasonality and availability.

  • Please inform our staff know if you have any food allergies.

  • Product image for illustration purpose only.

  • By law, alcohol may not be served to drivers or persons under 20 years of age.

Seating Capacity

90 Seats


The number of seats has been reduced to half to ensure social distance



Business Hours

7:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. (L.O.10:00 a.m.)

11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. (L.O.2:00 p.m.)


For the time being, dinner time will be closed.


Buffet breakfast (J/W) JPY1,650


Junior meal JPY825


Up to 6 years old complimentary