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We at Tokyu Hotels would like to inform as many people as possible about our website. Therefore, we have prepared a banner link that you can put on your own website to allow people to access ours. To do so, please read the following.


In principle, copyright to all of the contents on the Tokyu Hotels website belongs to Tokyu Hotels Co., Ltd.

Link location and obtaining permission

When adding a Tokyu Hotels website link to your site, please be sure to link to our top page (, and inform our webmaster using the Comments and Requests Form. At that time tell us the following:

  • Address of the webpage where you are putting our link

  • Name and contact information for the individual or company responsible for this website

  • Purpose of the link

We only send replies to decline a request.

Link problems

Tokyu Hotels will bear no responsibility for any damage to the contents of a site containing our link or for problems caused by using the link. In the event that Tokyu Hotels determines that your site does not match the details specified in the listing permission for the link concerned, we may ask you to remove the link within two weeks of notification, in order to prevent any problems after link registration permission is given.

Sites where our link is not permitted

We do not allow our link to be placed on the following types of sites:

  • Commercial sites

  • Bulletin boards

  • Sites that defame the name or business of Tokyu Hotels, or sites that appear to do so

  • Sites that infringe on copyright or intellectual property rights of Tokyu Hotels or third parties, or that appear to do so

  • Sites that infringe the property, reputation, personal rights or privacy of Tokyu Hotels or third parties, or that appear to do so

  • Sites that are counter to public order and morals

  • Sites that mislead the judgment of readers

  • Sites that display our website within a frame. We are strongly opposed to this practice.

  • If your site uses framing, please create the link by setting the target property to "_blank" or "_top"

Reproducing content without permission is prohibited

Content from our website may not be reproduced in newspapers, magazines, or email magazines without the permission of Tokyu Hotels.