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Exquisite healing we offer you here on Miyakojima.

The island SPA [eurelia] is for you to make your resort vacation supreme .

Unique natural materials of Miyakojima Island.

We use the precious components to treat your body that they are grown here in Miyakojima island fertile and rich water.


Pink Porcelain Lily

Aromatic long leaf blades contains polyphenol and essential oil is used for cosmetics and supplements.


Yuki shio (Salt powder like snow)

Original manufacturing method realized to remain a lot of gifts from Miyakojima Island's sea.


Bidens pilosa

This plants is considered as medicinal herb in many parts of the world.



Kutya is clay deposited on the seabed of Okinawa and its particles were fine.
Putting kutya on skin is a method of Okinawan skin treatment.

The Gifts From The Sea

Thalgo extracted such as mineral, protein,vitamin,amino acid from marine plants to enhance your skin supple and soft.
Enjoy the Thalgo treatment and you will know why the Thalgo receive the high evaluation in the wald wide.


Green Algae

  • Restore hydration for a healthy skin.

  • Recreate the healthy lipids for the skin protection.

  • Nourishes the skin for healthy glow.


Red Algae

  • Using red algae inhabits Bretagne

  • It contains mineral,protein,vitamin,moisturizing ingredient,and nutrition for the cells to regenerate


Essence of plants

  • Using the plants inhabit the area in the sand dune by the sea and flood plain.

  • Contain the rich potassium in the root and live through dry environment.

  • Excellent moisture quick and retaining effects.

Reservation & Contact us

Information desk


Reception 9:00 - 21:00(ext.24)


Treatment hours 10:00 - 22:30
Last slot is depends on the menu.Please ask us availability.