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Miyakojima Island, people say blessed island.

We introduce you the goods we[eurelia] carefully selected.

Skin Care

Urbana Products

Bidens pilosa contains unique ingredients to smooth your skin.
Urubana products have rich ingredients from Bidens pilosa to make your skin healthier and purity revive.



chufudi nature


Chufudi nature produces soap that combined the gift from nature of Okinawa.



Body Care


Essential Oil ・Pink Porcelain Lily ・Citrus Depressa


Enjoy the refreshing scent of Okinawan local plants.

5ml Pink Porcelain Lily


5ml Citrus Depressa


Reservation & Contact us

Information desk


Reception 9:00 - 21:00(ext.24)


Treatment hours 10:00 - 22:30
Last slot is depends on the menu.Please ask us availability.