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Birth of a Landmark
in Midosuji

A main avenue representing Osaka, Midosuji is a 4,027-meter-long main artery connecting Umeda, in the north, and Namba, in the south. In accommodating 20,000 pedestrians daily, it is evolving with vibrant energy.

This autumn will see not only rows of gingko trees turn gold but also the birth of the landmark Osaka Excel Hotel Tokyu.

The hotel occupies a unique building of unprecedented integration with the main gate of a temple, superbly fusing past tradition and contemporary aesthetics.

Midosuji draws
many people
to its marvelously
varied charms


Umeda, Midosuji’s northern center, is a business area lineated with skyscrapers and the area around Yodoyabashi, with the Bank of Japan, Osaka branch, and other dignified historical buildings. Around the southern area of Namba lies a major entertainment district, clusters of brand-name shops, restaurants, theaters, and more. Midosuji’s changing expressions, countless as its gingko leaves, will soon embrace the opening of Osaka Excel Hotel Tokyu.

Integration with a temple gate
harmoniously bridges past
and present cultures


The name of Midosuji itself evokes history recalling two temples, Kita Mido and Minami Mido. Osaka Excel Hotel Tokyu is a singular structure built in the upper part of the latter’s main gate, right in the heart of Midosuji.
In summer, a lively Bon dance enlivens the temple precinct, inviting one and all to dance with locals to the sound of vivacious flutes and drums. Joining in such traditional cultural experience is the stuff of lifelong memories made here and only here.

A kaleidoscope of colorful
hotel life and city attractions
is yours to experience

Our hotel concept of Osaka Kaleidoscope comprises an interior showcasing Osaka’s lively, opulent atmosphere and a brilliant kaleidoscopic night view from a high-floor front lobby and restaurant. High-floor guestrooms have a view-bath with a commanding perspective on the Midosuji nightscape.

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