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Creator Residence based on a vintage and modern look.

A creative atmosphere combining an interior with old and new items arranged in a fashionable and modern manner along with superior functionality. Each piece of furniture such as the wardrobe Fashion Cloak which is designed after clothing stores in Shibuya is carefully selected to create a wonderful space for creators to stay in.


Excellent comfort and superior functionality

The compact guest rooms are filled with the concepts behind the SHIBUYA STREAM EXCEL HOTEL TOKYU. The atmosphere with a simple usage design makes it easy to have a relaxing experience.


Relaxation on another level

A spacious area of 35sqm-45sqm optimal for 2 or more people. The corner rooms have views in 2 directions for breathtaking scenery and a spacious feeling.


A special experience at a special location

Only 13 bookings of these refined spaces are available in one day. Rooms equipped with a bath with a view allow you to enjoy a view of downtown Shibuya while taking a bath.


Relax in comfort

The spacious 20sqm area is perfect for some relaxing time by yourself. The bathroom has a shower stall with no bathtub.


A spacious atmosphere and comfortable night’s rest

Enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep on the 160cm wide queen bed in the spacious atmosphere with over 25sqm of space. Deluxe rooms are equipped with 200cm wide Sealy beds.


Superior usability

We offer services for parties of 3 as well as those in wheelchairs. Enjoy a view of downtown Shibuya in this spacious area over 30sqm.

Only especially in the Deluxe Room.
We have added a“ReFa FINE BUBBLE PURE”shower head.

In Shibuya Stream Excel Hotel Tokyu, we have placed “ReFa FINE BUBBLE PURE” (shower heads) in all Deluxe Type Rooms. We would like you to cherish every moment of your special travel time. Please make your bath time a special one too.

~Each time you bathe, the 2 bubbles makes your skin beautiful~

The ultra-fine bubbles seep deep into your pores and lift away the dirt, and the micro bubbles wash away the big dirt in your pores and lift and wash them away.

~Please choose between the four water flows to make the skin of your whole body beautiful~

You can control the water flow depending on how you would like to use it. For example, washing away certain dirt depending on the body section. Or do you want to just warm up? Or do you want moisture for your body? Feel free to choose from the 4 water flows; “Pure Straight”, “Mist”, “Jet” and“Straight”.

Pure Straight




Room Amenities

For Your comfort

Television (regular channels, Paid VOD), hot water pump pot, refrigerator, hair dryer, bidet,humidifier, Laundry service

For Your convenience

Mineral water, Japanese green tea and black tea, slippers, bath towels, face towels, body wash, facial soap & hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush set, razor, hair brush, cotton swabs, cosmetic cotton, nightwear (pj top),deodorizing spray