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Comfortable Spaces with
Sharp Interior Accent of Earth Tones

Step within and experience the wonder and mystery of a world where relaxation and stimulation coexist in a harmonious space. Teleport yourself to come and go into this unique life zone where enhanced connections bring rich sensitivity to human communication that generates joyous discovery of what’s possible.

Come to Yokohama Minato Mirai and feel how special is this place that nurtures your dreams today and expands them into the future.


Eat, Drink, Relax, and Relate to Kindred Spirits in an Amiable Space

Let the stimulation continue with friends or family in our restaurant after the glow of a live performance, event, or sightseeing in the bustling Yokohama metropolis. There’s no finer accompaniment to savory dining than the photogenic vista opening before your eyes in this space where lunchtime and any mealtime is joyously shared with comrades, colleagues, or family.


Switch Off and Chill Out in Natural Guestrooms Healing All Fatigue

Guestrooms are designed with special focus on space for enhanced daily living with sophisticated interior accents to inspire positive energy. Dive into the bed for relaxed vitalization that transports you at maximum warp to travel smoothly into a galaxy of star-filled dreams where no one has gone before.