Privacy Policy

Policy for the Protection of Personal Information

Tokyu Hotels Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), and Tokyu Hotels member hotels (hereinafter referred collectively to as "Tokyu Hotels"), recognizing the importance of the careful handling of the personal information of our guests, and so as to offer ever improving products and services, will make effort as described in the following, and will responsibly protect the personal information of our guests.


Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Tokyu Hotels will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal information and privacy


Internal Regime

Tokyu Hotels will establish a regime for the protection of personal information, and regarding its systems that handle and store personal information will establish internal regulations and the necessary rules for each related task, and will appoint managers and will maintain an organization for the same.


Obtaining Personal Information

Tokyu Hotels will make known the objectives of use for any personal information to be obtained from guests, and will obtain the consent of the guest before collecting it. The information will be used to an extent that accomplishes the said objectives. Moreover, this consent may be retracted at any time.


Using Personal Information

When a guest's personal information is used, it will be used only to an extent that achieves the objectives of use and no further.


Joint Use of Personal Information

In order to provide services of continuously improving value, Tokyu Hotels will use jointly the personal information to achieve the objectives of use to an extent described in the following. Moreover, additional procedures may be used for handling the personal information when such procedures have been defined.


Types of personal information data to be used jointly

Personal names (including kana pronunciations), electronic mail addresses, residential addresses, telephone numbers, work addresses (including kana pronunciations)/sections/titles, telephone numbers/fax numbers, passwords, credit card information, and wedding anniversaries


Extent of joint use

  • Members of the Tokyu Group (For a list of Tokyu Group member companies, please refer to the website described below.)
    Tokyu Group Website:

  • Tokyu Hotels (Firms that are involved with the operation of Tokyu Hotels, hold franchise contracts or have management agreements and/or have entered into agreements such as service contracts and the like with the company. For a list of the member hotels of the Tokyu Hotels group, please refer to the website below.)

  • Tokyu Group member companies, Tokyu Hotels affiliates and offices (For a list of Tokyu Hotels affiliates, please refer to the website below.)

Joint users: The Company, Tokyo Group through the Company, and Tokyu Hotels (sea above definition), regarding the administration of Tokyu Hotels, joint users are joint corporations that have concluded a franchise agreement, management agreement, or business partnership agreement with the Company in regard to the administration of Tokyu Hotel: Visit the following website for more information.


Objectives of use by information holders

  • Provision of accommodation, events, restaurant services, etc.

  • To provide lodging, party, and restaurant services

  • To provide lodging reservation services

  • To provide online reservation services

  • To monitor the status of operations and use of member privileges for Tokyu Hotels Comfort Members

  • To distribute via direct mailings and email the latest information regarding Tokyu Hotels, promotions, products, services and the like


Through cooperative work agreements, the company may on occasion deliver introductions to products and services offered by it and various Tokyu Group member companies (For a list of member companies, please refer to the website mentioned above).

  • For market surveys including marketing analysis, and for product development

  • As materials for determining the type of information to make available to guests


Entity responsible for the control of the personal information

The company


Assurance of Accuracy

Tokyu Hotels will implement appropriate measures to maintain accurate, and the most recent personal information for guests.


Security Control Measures

Tokyu Hotels will carefully control guests' personal information, and will implement the necessary security measures that will prevent leaks, loss, defamation, forgery, unauthorized access, etc.
Upon the completion of storage periods defined in law, if there is no longer any need to continue to handle the guests' personal information, the company will destroy the guests' personal information without delay.


Internal Training

Tokyu Hotels will carry out the education and training of its employees regarding the protection of personal information, and will assiduously make known its curriculum throughout the organization.


Oversight of Contractors

When Tokyu Hotels utilizes guests' personal information, third parties may be entrusted with the personal information to an extent that achieves the objectives of use. In such cases, the entrusted contractor will be made responsible for the careful control of the personal information, and will be subject to oversight in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law.


Restrictions on Provision to Third Parties

Tokyu Hotels will not supply or disclose to third parties a guest's personal information without the consent of the guest, except when required by law or such authority.


Disclosure, Revision, Cessation of Use, etc., of Personal Information

In the case that Tokyu Hotels desires to disclose, revise, or cease the use of a guest's personal information, the company will respond without delay in accordance with its established "procedure for requests of disclosure, etc."


Anonymously Processed Information

In the case that a guest's personal information is to be used as anonymously processed information, Tokyu Hotels will make public the category, etc., of the information.


Continuous Review of the Internal Regime

Tokyu Hotels will continually review and improve its organization and systems that regulate and handle personal information, as well as their execution, so as to continuously carry out their effective and appropriate implementation.


Point of Contact for Inquiries

Please contact the hotel in question regarding any questions or comments regarding the handling of personal information by Tokyu Hotels. Moreover, complaints regarding the handling of personal information will be accepted by information protection committee members and other sections with responsibilities for oversight.

Personal Information Retained by the Company and Objectives of Use

Objectives of use for personal information retained by the company
The company will use for the following objectives personal information provided in order to carry out its contractual and other obligations with guests. Moreover, it is necessary to have guests provide personal information in order to enter into such contracts.


Product sales and the offering of general and club member services, and responses relating to these.


The offering of information regarding Tokyu Hotels and Tokyu Group member company products, services, courtesies, events, etc. by mail.


For responding to various types of inquiries, requests for information, etc.


For the collection of opinions and requests for the improvement of products and services.


To build data bases for the analysis of customer trends, market surveys and for other analyses necessary for business, and to build statistical data that does distinguish any specific individual.


To comply with Tokyu Hotels obligations, and for all manner of responses to the exercise of rights and relating hotel business.

Types of Personal Data Retained
  • All types of data relating to lodging reservations, and guest frequency

  • All types of data relating to party reservations, and guest frequency

  • Reservation ledgers for restaurants and bars

  • All types of data relating to frequency of use for restaurants and bars

  • All types of data relating to Comfort Members

  • All types of data relating to corporate contracts

  • All types of data relating to restaurant and bar club members

  • All types of data relating to guests in general

  • Mailing lists for distribution to registered recipients of the mail magazine

  • Mailing lists of hotel event subscribers

  • Respondent lists for planning questionnaires

The Guest Access Log (Access History)

With the aim of improving services and ease of use for guests, the Tokyu Hotels website records what information has been accessed, and stores this data in the form of an access log. The data recorded in this log includes: date and time of access, accessed pages, domain names and IP addresses, type of browser used (that is, the software used to view internet information), etc., but does not include information that allows the determination of the identity of the person accessing. Tokyu Hotels will use this information in statistical analyses of the status of utilization of the website only, and in no other application.
When information is recorded in the access log, Tokyu Hotels utilizes cookies and web beacons supplied by its service provider.

Cookies are small pieces of information sent to the user's browser from the server that manages the website when the website is viewed. In doing this, the server records that a certain computer browsed a certain page of the website, and other such information, but this does not allow the personal identification of the user. In addition, web beacons function together with cookies as the technology that enables the knowledge of the number of times a certain web page has been accessed.

Moreover, users may refuse to accept cookies by modifying browser settings. In addition, by refusing to accept cookies, web beacons are also refused.

Procedure for Requests of Disclosure, etc.


Specification of the stored personal data subject to disclosure requests

When requesting disclosure, please specify the stored personal data subject to disclosure.
Moreover, please be aware that the personal information defined below is not subject to disclosure.


Data not defined as stored personal data

  • Data merely entrusted to the company for work, and for which the company has no right to disclose

  • Data slated for complete deletion within 6 months (notwithstanding cases defined differently by law)


Data defined as not subject to disclosure by the Personal Information Protection Law

  • Data whose disclosure may violate personal or third party rights or interests

  • Data whose disclosure may lead to severely damaging effects toward the correct conduct of the company's business

  • Data whose disclosure may violate other laws regarding disclosure


Data governed by other laws


Extent of Subjectivity to Disclosure

The extent of data subject to disclosure will include personal names, addresses, reasons for using the company, as well as stored personal data, and data previously obtained by the company and stored, and no other data


Point of Contact for Disclosure Requests

Please send requests for disclosure in a sealed envelope by mail to the hotel in question using the designated forms for disclosure and also including the necessary documents for the identification of the person in question. Moreover, please be aware that direct requests in person at hotel front desks and other such points of contact cannot be accepted.


Documents (Forms) to Submit When Making Disclosure Requests

For requests made for disclosure of one's own personal information, print out (A) Request Form (Request for One's Own Personal Information), enter the information required and sign or affix personal seal, put together with (B) documents required for personal identification in a sealed envelope, and mail to the address of the hotel in question.
Moreover, in the case of requests through an agent, please use (A) Request Form (Request by Agent).


Please be aware that all request forms and documents must be those designated by the company. Any other forms or documents will not be accepted.


Please be aware that all documents to be submitted when making a disclosure request (including those for personal identification) will not be returned. After responding to a disclosure request, these will be destroyed without delay using the appropriate methods.


In the Case of a Request through an Agent

In the case that the disclosure request is being made by an agent for the person in question, include in a sealed envelope for mailing the form from (A) "Personal Information Disclosure Request (Request by Agent), and the personal identification document of (B).

  • Authorization of agent printed and signed (or with personal seal) regarding disclosure of personal data of the person subject to disclosure

  • Certificate of personal seal registration for personal seal affixed to authorization of agent (certificate to be issued within 3 months of date of authorization of agent)

  • Copy of official bulletin notice or family court notice of determination (only in case of guardian)


Procedure and Payments Regarding Disclosure Requests


Requests for disclosure and notification of objectives for use

  • The fee for 1 case of stored personal data is ¥500 (including tax)

  • Please include payment of the fee amount by postal money order together with the payment method request documents in the sealed envelope.


Requests for revisions or cessation of use
There is no fee for requests for revisions or cessations of use of stored data. Please specify the stored personal data in question when making requests.


Method of Response to Disclosure Requests

Responses in writing will be sent by simple registered mail to the address entered on the request form. Moreover, the time between initiation of the disclosure procedure and response to request will be at least 2 weeks. In addition, please be aware that in cases that the point of contact is overwhelmed with requests, or the company's business situation is difficult, it is possible that the delay in response may exceed 2 weeks.


Non-disclosure of Stored Personal Data

In the following cases, data will not be disclosed: Notification of a decision for non-disclosure will be made in these cases. Moreover, when it is determined not to disclose the data in question, a specific procedure will be followed.

  • In such cases as the address entered on the request form not being identical to the address entered on the documents that identify the person in question, and it is not possible to verify that the request is indeed from the person in question.

  • In cases that it is not possible to verify that a request by agent is being made by a person empowered to do so.

  • In cases of incorrect information entered on request documents

  • In cases that the personal information requested for disclosure is not identical to the "stored personal data"

  • In cases that may cause damage to life, body, or assets of the person in question or of a third party, or violate the rights or damage the interests of same

  • In cases that may lead to severe damage to the company's business or to it's appropriate execution

  • In cases that would lead to the violation of other laws


Objectives for Use of Personal Information Obtained Through Disclosure Requests

Request forms submitted with disclosure requests and personal information from identification documents for persons in question, as well as cases in which verifications regarding doubts that arise with the person in question, will be handled to the extent necessary to respond to the disclosure request.
With regard to the documents submitted for identification of the person in question, after responding to the disclosure request, these will be destroyed without delay using the appropriate methods.

Revised July, 2019

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