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Accrue and Redeem Points

Receive discounts of more than 10 percent for your stays

Comfort Members can always receive more than 10 percent on the fixed price for hotel stay.
The offers differ depending on the hotels and seanos.

Receive points for stays and dining

5 points are earned for every 100 yen (excluding tax)
spent on accommodations, restaurants, and bars (some exceptions).
Each point is worth 1 yen.


Points may not apply in certain cases.

Receive best rates via online reservation

Comfort Members are eligible for special rates through Tokyu Hotels websites.


Online reservation require to enter e-mail address and a password.

Extended check-out time service

Comfort Members can take advantage of late check-out service to noon.

Advance reservations

Comfort members have a right for advanced reservation 13 months prior to arrival.
(Non members are usually able to book 12 months prior to arrival.)


Advance reservations are not available for certain days.

Earn points via travel agencies

100 points earned per paid room nights per room via Japanese travel agencies and selected online travel agencies.
(Rakuten Travel,, and

Become a Gold Member by earning 30,000 points

Comfort Members are eligible to become Gold Members after earning 30,000 points.
Gold Members receive a wide range of additional benefits.

Gold Member benefits

Each hotel offers unique benefits exclusively for Gold Members.
Check the website for more details.

Become a Comfort Member


Simple and easy enrollment.
No membership fee.

We offer a variety of benefits, including accommodation and special offers at restaurants.

Membership Validity

Membership is valid until December 31 of the second year after the most recent usage date of your card. It therefore is continually renewed according to latest usage. Example: You most recently used your card on Jan. 15, 2015; your membership expires on Dec. 31, 2017.

Point Validity

Points expire on December 31 of the second year after the last point accrual. For example, if points are awarded on May 5, 2015, they remain valid until December 31, 2017.

Regarding the Point System

Present membership card when making payments or else you may not be credited any points for that payment.

General payment


  • Points can be credited for accommodations used by the member or by the member and accompanying people. Such accreditation can only be done for an accompanying person when he or she is provided accommodations under the same reservation as that of the member and when the member makes payment.

  • When two or more members stay at the same guestroom, points shall be credited to one member or divided proportionally and credited accordingly.

  • Points will not be credited for non-guestroom use payment (e.g., VOD or telephone charges) or taxes.

  • Members staying at our hotels at a rate eligible for points accumulation under an airline mileage program will be credited Comfort Points on an overlapping basis, together with the crediting of prescribed mileage points for the same amount spent. Points will not be credited on an overlapping basis, together with any other points program.

  • Points will not be credited for internet reservation at travel agent.


  • Points can only be credited by facilities posting an official sign that reads "TOKYU HOTELS COMFORT MEMBERS."

  • Points are credited for meal charges (including cover charge, table charge, and private-room charge) at participating restaurants; room service provided by participating restaurants; and food and drink charges for take-out items served by participating restaurants. Charges for such items as cigarettes and taxes are not eligible for point accrual.

  • Points can only be credited when a member consumes food or drink. Points will not be credited when the member only pays for but does not consume food or drink. If two or more members consume food or drinks, points shall be credited to one member or divided proportionally and credited accordingly.

  • Points will not be credited when a banquet hall or an entire restaurant is reserved or when a meeting room, multifunctional hall, or other such facility is used.

  • Some restaurants and not available.


Questions about the program should be directed to the Comfort Members Office

  • 10:00-17:00

  • M-F (closed weekends and holidays)