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Earth-friendly, Community-friendly, and People-friendly hotel

Efforts of our hotel


The world's first hydrogen hotel

Since its opening in 2018, the hotel has been participating in the Ministry of the Environment's "Regional Collaboration and Low Carbon Hydrogen Technology Demonstration Project" in cooperation with Resonac Corporation under Kawasaki City's "Waterfront Area Vision" and "Kawasaki Hydrogen Strategy".
Our hotel has installed a "50kW Pure Hydrogen Stationary FC Power Generation System" manufactured by Meidensha Electric Industries Co., Ltd. in 2023, and has resumed hydrogen power generation as the "Hydrogen Hotel."


Lettuce cultivation using electricity derived from food waste

We have conducted Leaf lettuce cultivation to realize a low-carbon society (CO2 reduction) by utilizing electricity derived from food waste not only for hotel electricity but also for plant cultivation. Lettuce can be grown so fast and large that we harvest it within 30 ~ 40 days from seeding and about 40 plants per week by irradiating red and blue LEDs alternately in an environment with a temperature of 22-26 degrees Celsius and humidity of 60-80%. We serve the harvested lettuce in the hotel's restaurant.


Introduction of Bio food Recycling

We have introduced bio food recycling, which converts food waste into renewable energy. In addition to achieving a 100% recycling rate of food waste from the hotel, we are participating in an initiative to generate electricity by running a gas engine on biogas generated by methane fermentation of waste by microorganisms. Furthermore, we have established a system of "utilization of local circulating energy" by purchasing the electricity.


Biodegradable amenities

We have introduced amenities using KANEKA Biodegradable Polymer Green Planet™, which contributes to reducing marine pollution by decomposing even in seawater. "KANEKA thinks 'Wellness First." aiming to promote wellness globally, aligns well with our commitment to being an environmentally friendly, community-friendly, and people-friendly hotel. Therefore, we have chosen to adopt this product.


Upcycling of amenities

At our hotel, we upcycle the handle portions of used Kaneka biodegradable polymer Green Planet® toothbrushes and hairbrushes using technology of ASAHI YOU.US, LTD. to create coasters, which are then installed in our hotel rooms and café. We provide used amenity collection boxes on guest floors, so we kindly ask for your cooperation in disposing of used amenities during your stay.


Installation of water servers

We have installed water servers on each floor, eliminating the use of plastic-bottled mineral water provided free of charge in guest rooms. This has enabled a reduction of approximately 20,000 plastic bottles of waste per year. In addition, we are using eco-friendly "forest tumblers" as cups for guests to carry water from the water servers to guest rooms. These eco-friendly cups are made of 55% cellulose fiber, a wood-derived material.

Introduction of Ogawa Coffee

In pursuit of a delicious coffee future, we have introduced Ogawa Coffee beans, which not only focus on preserving the natural environment of the Earth but also contribute to maintaining a sustainable society. The coffee used in our hotel rooms and café is Ogawa Coffee's internationally Fair Trade certified coffee.