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Taiko and Rikyu are spacious Japanese-style rooms.

Taiko is an honorific title of the lord who built Osaka Castle, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who today is still affectionately called Taiko-han by Osaka people. Sen no Rikyu, a close adviser to Taiko, established the Japanese tea ceremony and thus assured his place in history. Both rooms are tatami-floored for optimal enjoyment of a Japanese atmosphere. Available for groups and families up to four, the rooms can also be used for group dining and events.



Number of Guests

1 - 4 Guest(s)


63.1 sqm


Full Bath with Wash Area

Non-Smoking Room

Smoking Prohibited

Room Amenities

  • Japanese green tea set

  • slippers

  • bath towels

  • face towels

  • body wash

  • facial & hand soap

  • shampoo

  • conditioner

  • toothbrush set

  • razor

  • shower cap

  • hair brush

  • body towels

  • q-tips

  • nightwear

  • deodorizing spray

  • cosmetic cotton

  • Television

  • telephone

  • hot water pot

  • refrigerator

  • hair dryer

  • bidet

  • air purifier

  • humidifier