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Floor Guide

Introduce each floor in Yonezawa Excel Hotel Tokyu

List of facilities

Ground Floor: Reception


The hotel do check-in and check-out for hotel guests here.
Please feel free to contact us if guests have any questions or concerns about their stay.

[Ground Floor Receptio] AED (automated external defibrillator)


[AED (automated external defibrillator)]
AED is a medical device that gives an electric shock to restore the normal movement of the heart in the event of "ventricular fibrillation," in which the ventricles of the heart spasm irregularly and the blood cannot be pumped out. Since July 2004, it has been recognized not only by medical professionals but also by the general public.

LAN and Wi-Fi connectable


The whole building (including guest rooms, lobby, and lounge) is equipped with Wi-Fi and internet environment. Guests can connect to the internet wherever guests are. Guest can easily access the Web and check their e-mail, so guests can enjoy communicating with their family and friends without concern about the time, even on business trips or vacations. All guest rooms are equipped with wired LAN ports.