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Availability and Connection Method

In order to provide you with more convenient and enjoyable Web connections for your stay, Tokyu Hotels is actively improving its Internet access services.


New in-room Internet access has been installed in 30 hotels, bringing Internet access to almost all Tokyu Hotels.

  • Room access to the Internet is provided through a LAN cable, which offers more stable connection speeds and better security than a wireless LAN.
  • Connect your computer just by plugging in a LAN cable.
  • Some Tokyu Hotels provide a virtual private network (VPN) service, enabling secure access to your company's server.
  • You can view Web pages plus send and receive email.
New in-room Internet access has been installed in 30 hotels, bringing Internet access to almost all Tokyu Hotels.

Internet access now available even in banquet rooms

  • Internet access is now being provided at most hotels for guest use in banquet and conference rooms, during seminars, academic meetings, training sessions, and conferences.

In the front lobby, coin-operated and wireless LAN service is available from Yahoo! BB Mobile and other providers.

  • A public wireless LAN service is offered in the front lobby of most Tokyu Hotels, through Yahoo! BB Mobile and other providers. For those guests who do not travel with their own laptop computers, we are continuing to provide more coin-operated Internet terminals.

Connection Method and Notes

Room Connection

  • 1. Connect your PC to the LAN port (cable) by the writing desk or night table.
  • 2. Turn on your PC and open the Internet browser.
  • 3. Although the connection settings are made automatically, depending on the connection method, additional steps may be required.
  • 4. Simple connection manuals are provided in each room for your reference.

Notes on Internet access

  • You will need your own computer for LAN connection.
    (For the public wireless LAN service, a wireless LAN card is required [IEEE802.11b, etc.].)
  • A LAN connector cable may be available at most hotels.
  • When using a LAN card for the first time, bring along a copy of the driver and the operating manual, just in case.
  • Service may not work for some operating systems or PC settings.
  • You are responsible for making the settings on your own computer.
    (Although the hotel can answer your questions concerning the Internet connection method, we cannot answer any other technical queries.)
  • Prior to connection, cancel any shared folder settings on your computer.
  • Please note that connection may not be possible depending on your PC settings or software. We cannot guarantee that all customers will be able to access the service.
  • Tokyu Hotels shall bear no responsibility for any loss of network settings that you may already have on your computer.
  • Ability to send and receive email may be limited, depending on your email provider.
  • Tokyu Hotels shall bear no responsibility for any services or information accessed on the Internet.
  • Please ensure the security of your own computer, as Tokyu Hotels is not responsible for this.
  • A virtual private network (VPN) connection uses the Internet to create a virtually private line between designated locations, enabling secure transmission of data. Not all rooms have VPN connections.
  • VPN connection may not be possible, depending on your VPN client software.
  • When using the public wireless LAN service you may need to register for a user ID and pay a usage fee. Contact the service provider for details.
  • The connection speed may drop when other guests in the building are using the service at the same time.
List of Internet Access Services

We are continually updating the Internet access services provided at each of our hotels.

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