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Exciting awards from mileage accrued at Tokyu Hotels

As members of our partner airlines mileage program, Comfort Members can accrue mileage at the many Tokyu Hotels located throughout Japan. Make use of our FFP partnerships for an even more rewarding stay.

FFP Partner Service Line up

JAL (Japan Airlines)
  • 200-500 miles

ANA (All Nippon Airways)
  • 200-500 miles

Details on mileage accrual by hotel may be found on the PDF file below.

How to Make Reservation

Apply by telephone to make your reservation when using your mileage service.
Reservations can be made by contacting a Tokyu Hotels Reservation Center or any of our hotels. In addition, reservations for certain hotels can be made online.

Eligibility for mileage accrual

  • Mileage can be earned by making your reservation under a mileage eligible rate when you directly call a Tokyu Hotels Reservation Center or any one of our hotels and directly pay the hotel at which you stay. Provided, however, that members can earn mileage credit even when making online reservations via the Tokyu Hotels website under plans that entitle them to earn additional mileage.

  • Plans that entitle members to earn additional mileage when making reservations at a travel agency or via another company's website shall be eligible for accruing mileage.

  • When making your reservation, check the information provided to you concerning mileage eligible rates and campaigns.

  • In the event that multiple members occupy the same room, mileage will be credited only to one member (in whose name the accommodation is booked) . Moreover, even where multiple rooms are booked and paid for by the same member, mileage will be credited for one room only.

  • Hotel mileage can only be credited to the member whose name appears on the issued receipt.

  • Even if you stated your mileage membership number when making a hotel reservation, you will not be credited for mileage if you failed to state this number at check-in time.

How to accure mileage


When making your reservation
Hotel room reservations made when using your mileage service are accepted over the telephone. State the name of the airline you are using when making your reservation since we will be providing you with information concerning mileage eligible rates and campaigns.


When checking in at your hotel
Present your mileage card and state your desire to accrue mileage.


Mileage accrual
Please retain the receipt issued in your name by the hotel at check-out until it is confirmed that your account has been credited with mileage. Your mileage should be credited to your account two to three months after your stay.

Post-stay procedures

Post-stay applications to have accounts credited with mileage are not accepted at Tokyu Hotels. Follow procedures pursuant to the regulations governing the mileage service offered by your airline since such applications are accepted by each airline that operates a mileage service.


Procedures respecting the ANA Mileage Club are accommodated by Tokyu Hotels. Direct your enquiries to the reservation center indicated below.

Notable Points

  • In principle, you are eligible to accrue mileage when making your reservation by directly contacting either an individual hotel or a Tokyu Hotels Reservation Center.

  • Mileage will be accrued per stay, regardless of the number of nights; only one airline mileage program is eligible per stay. If ANA Mileage Club, milies are earned per day according to following table.

  • Checking in at a hotel within 24 hours after checking out from the same hotel will be treated as a single stay.

  • The names of eligible hotels and the number of accrued miles are subject to change without notice.