Shimoda Activities

Located on the Pacific Coast of Japan’s Izu Peninsula sits a small town called Shimoda. You would be forgiven for overlooking the place – nestled alongside the quiet hills of Shizuoka Prefecture, it looks like the kind of secluded town where nothing much really happens. You might be forgiven for thinking so, but I would encourage you not to make that mistake! Shimoda has a plethora of interesting activities to enjoy, all of which will make your trip to Japan uniquely memorable.

One such activity is the Shimoda Aquarium. There are numerous aquariums throughout Japan, but this is the first one I’ve seen that is literally built around the ocean. In fact, the main dolphin enclosure is part of the ocean itself! What’s more, visitors can go for a kayak ride in the waters where the dolphins swim, even enjoy one of the dolphin shows from the kayak. Watching the dolphins playfully dart beneath your boat or curiously look up at you as they swim past is a remarkable experience. After the show, there is plenty more to enjoy around the aquarium, including everything from ornate jellyfish displays to penguins and seals, all reminding you of Japan’s intimate connection to the sea.

Being set as it is along the Pacific Coast of Shizuoka Prefecture, Shimoda boasts abundant oceanside views. Between the aquarium and the beautiful Shimoda Tokyu Hotel lies a long winding seaside path, offering incredible views at every turn. A little further down the coast is the Ryugu Sea Cave and many stunning sandy beaches as well.

Add in places like Shimoda Park and the Tsumekizaki Lighthouse, and you begin to realize there’s more to Shimoda than first meets the eye. Make sure to add a trip to Shimoda to your Japan itinerary – you’ll be glad you did!

Access (from Shimoda Tokyu Hotel)

  • 15 minutes on foot to Shimoda Aquarium

  • 10 minutes by car to Ryugu Sea Cave

Shimoda Nature

Japan is the perfect destination for nature lovers, and few prefectures in Japan can boast the variety of natural beauty that can be found in Shizuoka Prefecture. There is so much to see, in fact, that it can be hard to choose where to go! If you’re trying to decide, I would recommend considering the town of Shimoda.

Nestled along the Pacific Coast of Japan’s Izu Peninsula, Shimoda is a stone’s throw away from some of Shizuoka’s most beautiful natural wonders. As you might expect, the coastline plays a central role in the nature of the area. That means lots of beautiful sandy beaches of course, but it also means incredible cliffs and caves, such as can be found at the Ryugu Sea Cave.

For more coastal views, a stop by Tsumekizaki Park will prove rewarding. The park is famous for its stunning lighthouse, but even without this manmade wonder, the scenery around the park is extraordinary.

For a break from the coastal views, pay a visit to Shimoda Park. In May, there is the Kurofune Festival, celebrating the opening of Japan to the world. In June, there is the Ajisai (Hydrangea) Festival. The display of neon-pastel colors bursting forth in all directions can only be described as breathtaking.

If you’re looking for a more “wild” experience, there is lots of hiking to be found nearby. Just to the north of Shimoda is the town of Kawazu, where the Seven Waterfalls are located. If you’re especially adventurous, you can even try waterfall climbing here. I’ve seen one climber leap from the top of one of the falls, though I wouldn’t personally recommend that!

From sandy beaches to lush green forests, Shimoda is the perfect place to escape the modern concrete jungle. You might find it’s just what the doctor ordered!

Access (from Shimoda Tokyu Hotel)

  • 15 minutes on foot to Shimoda Aquarium

  • 10 minutes by car to Ryugu Sea Cave

Shimoda Tokyu Hotel

Although the ocean plays an important role in Japanese culture, few travelers experience this beyond a plate of sushi. The Shimoda Tokyu Hotel, located on Japan’s Izu Peninsula, aims to change that. With a combination of stunning views and mouthwatering meals, it is a fantastic place to break the trend – in style!

A visit to the Shimoda Tokyu Hotel begins with exceptional service. From arrival to departure, friendly staff make sure your needs are cared for. Rooms are comfortable, modern, and clean, and some are equipped with a balcony and beautiful views of the nearby ocean.

At the lobby level, a bright, open lounge provides relaxation outside of your room, and from here there is easy access to the hotel garden. Just down the hill from the garden is a large swimming pool, and a bit further down is the ocean itself. Here you can go for a swim from a sandy beach, take a stroll along a winding oceanside path, or even walk to the nearby Shimoda Aquarium for more aquatic fun!

Once the sun goes down, guests can take in a delicious multicourse meal of local seafood at the hotel’s upscale Ma Chere Mer BANSHO restaurant. After dinner, make sure to take in the hotel’s natural hot spring bath (called an onsen). Onsen is an important part of Japanese culture, and a great way to relax and unwind. The connected open-air bath is not to be missed! After a good night’s sleep, a full breakfast buffet awaits, serving both Japanese and Western style dishes.

The Shimoda Tokyu Hotel is a great way to enjoy the unique beauty of Japan’s Pacific Coast in style. There’s only one problem you’ll face during your visit - making yourself check out when it’s time to go home!


5-12-1, Shimoda-shi, Shizuoka 415-8510

  • 6minutes by car from Shimoda Station on the Izu Kyuko Line

  • 1 hour and 20 minutes by Izu Kyuko Line from Atami Station

  • 2 hours and 40 minutes on Special Express Odoriko-go from JR Tokyo Station

There is complimentary Shuttle Bus Service (Shimoda Station⇔Shimoda Tokyu Hotel)

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