Online Reservation System Usage Agreement

Tokyu Hotels Co., Ltd. (hereafter, "Tokyu") defines the Reservation System Usage Agreement (hereafter, "The Agreement") as follows, relating to the use of Tokyu's real-time online room reservation service (hereafter, "this service") by companies, groups, and individuals.

Article 1. Applicability

The Agreement shall apply to Tokyu and the users of this service.

Article 2. Service definition

This service indicates the accepting of room reservation requests over the Internet for accommodations provided by Tokyu, using the method specified by Tokyu.

Article 3. Reservation procedure

When a client uses this service, the client shall register the client's name, email address, and other contact information online, through the procedure specified by Tokyu.

Article 4. Easy Reservation Account


Clients can create Easy Reservation Account to use this service easier. Personal information and password are required. Clients that have registered a password shall be "registered users."


There shall be no charge for Easy Reservation Account.


When Tokyu judges that the registered user has broken the Agreement, or when it is determined that an action prohibited by Article 7 has occurred, the user's registration may be deleted without prior notification.

Article 5. Room reservation approval

Room reservations under this service shall be approved when completion of the reservation procedure is indicated in the user's Internet browser, or when an email notification confirming the reservation has been sent to the user.

Article 6. Cancellation of room reservation

When Tokyu judges that the party applying for room reservation has broken the Agreement irrespective of Article 5, or when it is determined that an action prohibited by Article 7 has occurred, the room reservation may be cancelled without prior notice.

Article 7. Prohibited actions

The following actions are prohibited under the Agreement.


Providing false information at the time of user registration;


Making a false or misleading request for room reservation;


Carrying out user registration and reserving a room on behalf of another person without that person's consent;


Unfairly disrupting the operation of this service, inflicting a loss upon Tokyu, or any action that could potentially have such results;


Infringing upon the rights of other registered users or third parties, or causing damage, or any action that could potentially have such results;


Action that is illegal or that offends public order and standards, or any action that could potentially have such results;


In addition to the items above, any action that Tokyu deems to be improper.

Article 8. Exemptions


When canceling a room reservation, the user shall contact the hotel concerned by telephone, or through the online reservation system.


When changing a room reservation, the user shall contact the hotel concerned by telephone.
To change through the online reservation system, the users shall cancel the existing reservation and then make a new reservation.

Article 9. Privacy Policy

Tokyu shall handle the registered personal information and transaction data based on its Privacy Policy.

Article 10 . Service suspension


Tokyu may suspend this service temporarily without prior notification, in order to maintain and inspect the server or in the event of an emergency.

Article 11. Exemptions


When a registered user uses this service resulting in trouble or damage being inflicted on others, it must be resolved through the efforts of persons concerned, and Tokyu shall bear no responsibility.


Tokyu shall bear no responsibility for any damage or inconvenience caused to registered users by not being able to use this service as a result of conditions under Article 10 or problems with telecommunications networks.

Article 12. Other


Tokyu may revise the Agreement after notifying registered users through a suitable method.


When a problem arises concerning the use of this service in matters that are not covered by the Agreement, the problem shall be discussed in good faith by parties concerned and a solution shall be made.


When a dispute arising from the use of this service cannot be resolved by talks between the parties concerned, it shall be resolved according to the laws of Japan, under the jurisdiction of the courts where Tokyu's head office is located.

The Agreement takes effect in October, 2006.