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Whether you're here for a calming retreat or exploring the city, enjoy your stay in Tokyo with an atmosphere inspired by light, water, greenery and art in our modern & stylish hotel tucked away from the hustle and bustle.

A Perfect Day at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

Start the time of fun

With the stunning Hie Shrine to your right as you walk up the slope, the eaves of the hotel’s entrance shine brightly to greet our guests with warm, welcoming light. (Entrance on 3F)

As you pass through the entrance and proceed through the lobby to the check-in desk, you’ll see works by Toko Shinoda, a leading female ink painting artist. Hanging behind the desk is the work “Yutaka”, a piece that was painted by Ms. Shinoda when she was 97 for the hotel’s renovation. Displayed opposite is a previously commissioned work, “Untitled”, which was inherited from the old hotel site as a symbol of connecting the past and the present.

An atmosphere of relaxation fills the sophisticated, modern Japanese spaces of our guest rooms through the use of Shoji, a Japanese traditional sliding door.

Afternoons at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

Moments of Luxury at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

"The Capitol Afternoon Tea" offers seasonally themed savouries and sweet treats prepared by our skilled chefs, presented within a beautiful wood cage originally designed for this menu. *Advanced reservation is required (Lounge "ORIGAMI" on 3F)

Enjoy the most relaxing of treatments from our spa team, dedicated to providing the finest hospitality for your beauty and wellness experience. (Spa and Barber “Carju Rajah Tiado” 14F)

Appreciate the many artworks on display in the hotel.

Exploring the neighbourhood

Visit the revered Hie Shrine and National Diet Building, both of which are nearby the hotel, and essential viewing for those wanting to discover Tokyo

The Tokyo Imperial Palace

Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya Park

Chidorigafuchi Park

National Theatre of Japan

Explore the hotel's neighbouring area which is the home to some of the best spots for some gentle exercise. Visit the Imperial Palace, Hibiya Park and Chidorigafuchi Park which are great areas for walking and running and where you'll experience a real urban oasis with lush green nature. There is also the National Theatre of Japan in the area where you can enjoy traditional Japanese entertainment and performing arts such as Kabuki and Nihon-buyō, as well as Japanese puppet shows and classical music. The commercial Akasaka Sacas complex and the flagship TV broadcast station of the Japan News Network, TBS, can also be found here.

Evenings at the hotel

Enjoy a tipple with an apéritif

The Capitol Bar offers a cocktail menu created by our expert bartenders, as well as a selection of Japanese sakes and whiskys to help you relax and unwind. (The Capitol Bar 4F)

Dinner at hotel restaurants, Suiren

Beautifully decorated modern corridor

Sophisticatedly designed interior

Sign board by Kitaoji Rosanjin

Woodblock print by Shiko Munakata

Passing through the beautifully decorated corridor from the lobby you'll find yourself in an area hidden away from the rest of the hotel and surrounded by the rich greenery and water features of the gardening the hotel’s signature Japanese Restaurant, Suiren.

Quiet Moments in our Guest Rooms

The National Diet Building can be viewed from the eastern side of the hotel, and a night view of Shinjuku is visible from the western side. Take in the sights and unwind before bed with room service and your room’s minibar.

Breakfast at The Capitol - the best way to start your day

Begin your day with a filling breakfast at our all day dining restaurant, Origami, while bathed in natural light from the hotel's water garden. Choose from a wide range of dishes, from Western to Japanese cuisines, or enjoy breakfast with the comforts of room service, whilst gazing out at the view of Tokyo below.