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Hie Shrine


Hie Shrine surrounded by luxuriant greenery is located on an adjacent hill.
In 1657, Hie Shrine and much of Edo (Tokyo) was destroyed by fire. However, in 1659, Shogun Ietsuna Tokugawa rebuilt the shrine at its present location. The shrine buildings were constructed in the Gongen-Zukuri style with vermilion-lacquered finishings. Regrettably, the shrine buildings were burnt down in the bombing of Tokyo during the Second World War, in 1945. The present shrine buildings were constructed in 1958 with contributions from numerous parishioners and worshippers.
The Sanno Festival is held annually around June 15.

Distance from Hotel

About 2mins by walk


Treasure Hall

The treasure hall, which stores the treasured objects of Hie Shrine, was constructed in 1979 to commemorate the 500th anniversary festival of the Edo Castle enshrining, which took place in 1978. 31 swords, of which includes national treasures and important cultural properties, are owned by the shrine, as well as numerous treasures associated with the Tokugawa shogun family.




Tuesday, Friday


Note that they have holidays extra holidays.

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Shinen Statue

Two venerated shinen (god monkey) statues — a husband-and-wife pair of divine emissaries — are located on either side of the front of the main shrine building. The one on the right is a male monkey, and the one on the left is a female monkey holding a baby monkey in its arms. People who worship these monkeys pray to the male for business prosperity, and to the female one for easy childbirth and the blessing of children.

Inari Shrine Approach

Sanno Torii Gate - Main Approach (Sanno Otoko-zaka)

Sannobashi Escalator

Fortune Slips

Wooden Votive Plaques

Purification Trough

How to Visit the Shrine

What you need to do first when you enter the shrine is wash your hands and mouth at the purification trough (temizuya). The purpose of this is not to cleanse yourself of physical dirt, but to eliminate the stain of the outside world.

Bow Twice, Clap Twice, Bow Once

After bowing twice, clap your hands twice, and then bow one more time.


Step forward in front of the shrine and start with a shallow bow.


Put in your money offering.


Bow twice deeply.


Clap your hands twice.


Bow once deeply.


Lastly, make a shallow bow and then leave.