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The room is designed to facilitate a safe and comfortable stay for all guests.
Handicapped-accessibility designs also extend to bathrooms and powder rooms, providing easier wheelchair movement as well.



Guide to wheelchair-accessible restaurants



Jazz Club [JZ Brat SOUND OF TOKYO]

There are steps at the entrance. However, we are always prepared to assist, so please feel free to call for staff when you require any assistance.



  • All assistance dogs (guide dog/service dog/hearing dog) are welcome throughout the entire building.

  • The main entrance is equipped with an entrance slope.

  • The 2nd floor entrance is free of any steps.

  • Exclusive parking for wheelchair users is available on the 3rd basement level. (2 lots)

  • Regarding restrooms
    Universal bathrooms (multipurpose restrooms) are located on the 2nd basement level, 1st basement level, main lobby and 39th floor.

  • Regarding elevators
    One section of guest elevators and parking lot elevators are equipped with call buttons at an accessible lower position.