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Enjoy the taste of Japanese, Western and Chinese restaurants
in the comfort of your room during your stay.

Including French cuisine prepared by our hotel chefs, you can also enjoy varied meals through room service, such as Chinese foods from "szechwan restaurant Chen", and high-quality seasonal sushi "Sushi-Ito Ikkan". Anniversary cakes and fruit platters are also available.

Room service

‐In Room Dining‐

Start a refreshing day in the morning sun.

Satisfying in taste and volume, equal to high-quality restaurants

Enjoy Szechuan cuisine made by Head Chef Kazutoyo Inoue

Enjoy each exquisite morsel of Sushi and the entertaining aspects of the service at the counter as well as the private room.

We would like to present recommended wines from our hotel sommelier, other alcohol beverages and soft drinks.

We also comply with special arrangements, such as room service for birthday and celebration cakes, fruit platters for special guests and champagne gifts to be delivered to your room.