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Next to the Garden Kitchen "Caramelo" is the Pastry Shop,
where a various selection of sweets, breads, baked goods lovingly made by the pastry/baker chef are available.



Business Hours

10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.



Thank you very much for your patronage of Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel.
Please kindly note the following closure and changes in business based on “state of emergency over COVID-19” measures announced by the Government.
The safety and health of our guests and employees are our utmost importance.

Date: Until further notice
Time: 10:00~20:00
*Product lineup change
*Kindly note this period is subject to further extension, depending upon the future circumstances.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.

The Management

Temporary Closure and Changes in Hotel Restaurants and Facilities

Pastry Shop Item Lineup

Premium Cake

Premium Cake

[Monthly Special]




Tarte aux Myrtille


Coupe Melon


JPY 650(JPY 702)

【NEW】Tarte aux Myrtille

JPY 630(JPY 680)

【NEW】Coupe Melon

JPY 670(JPY 723)

Fromage frais

JPY 650(JPY 702)

Grand Chocolat

JPY 650(JPY 702)

Hotel Cake

Chou à la crème

JPY 500(JPY 540)

Mont Blanc

JPY 550(JPY 594)

Pudding aux fruits

JPY 550(JPY 594)

Whole Cake

Gâteau Fruité

JPY 3,000(JPY 3,240)

Petit Fours

JPY 2,200(JPY 2,376)

Hotel Bread

Pain au chocolat

JPY 190(JPY 205)

Pain au lait

JPY 150(JPY 162)

Pain au café

JPY 190(JPY 205)


JPY 470(JPY 507)


JPY 300(JPY 324)

Brioche beurre salé

JPY 200(JPY 216)

Chabatta aux olive

JPY 230(JPY 248)

Baguette saleé à la féve de soja

JPY 220(JPY 237)

Danois à la mangue

JPY 190(JPY 205)

Focaccia à l'oignon et au fromage

JPY 250(JPY 270)

Pain de campagne au sésame et au fromage

JPY 223(JPY 240)

Sweet Gift

Bon Voyage

JPY 2,500(JPY 2,700)


JPY 1,500(JPY 1,620)

Gateau Sec L

JPY 3,524(JPY 3,805)

Gateau Sec S

JPY 1,429(JPY 1,543)

Cerulean Assort M

JPY 1,200(JPY 1,296)

Cerulean Assort S

JPY 900(JPY 972)


The sweets gift set is manufactured by an outside contractor with the hotel-supervised recipe.

Hotel original beef curry supervised by Nobuhiko Fukuda, the grand chef who received the awards from both Japan and France.
Lots of spices and beef savory flavors are cooked slowly to blend into the curry roux.
Cook pre-packed curry easily and enjoy the rich taste of our original curry at your home.


Photos present the images of a prepared product and garnishing suggestions.

Hotel Original Beef Curry Box

4 packs JPY 2,778(JPY 3,000)

Hotel Original Beef Curry

Pack JPY 732(JPY 790)

The “edible seasoning”series

Olive Oil for seasoning
1 bottle 100ml

Limited quantity

JPY 930(JPY 1,004)

With prosciutto and dried scallop, Olive Oil from our sauce collection is full of the umami of seafood. You can enjoy the hotel quality at home.

Pomodoro for Seasoning
1 bottle 100ml

Limited quantity

JPY 740(JPY 799)

From our sauce collection, Pomodoro adds color to the table as you spread it on bread or toss it with pasta. Also recommended as a gift.

Pepper Beef for Seasoning
1 bottle 100ml

Limited quantity

JPY 1,390(JPY 1,501)

The “edible seasoning”produced by the grand chef Nobuhiko Fukuda is made of Grade A5 Kuroge Wagyu beef, finely minced and seasoned with green peppercorns. Enjoy it on piping hot rice or in a Chazuke.


We also take advanced orders for complete cakes for anniversaries and other special occasions.


Numbers are limited depending on the stocking situation. Please note we cannot guarantee all purchases to be met as some items may be sold out.


We ask any guest with food allergies to inform the hotel staff when making reservations and/or upon arrival. (As ingredients of the dishes offered at the restaurants are all prepared in the same kitchen, allergy substances may be mixed in. Please also note that some ingredients may be changed.)


The full prices of products available for take-out in the pastry shop are indicated in the parenthesis, which are inclusive of 8% consumption tax.

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