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"Ho'oh" Ballroom; filled with calm and elegance

The sparkling circular chandeliers on the ceiling are made with some of the natural pearls from the chandeliers of the old hotel, which was loved by VIP guests from all over the world.

Venue Details







Guest Capacity


Banquet/Meeting Style

Dinner、 Reception、 School、 Theater、 Square Layout

The main banquet room can be used for various occasions


The venue which is 540 square meters in area and with a ceiling height of 5.5 meters can accommodate up to 280 guests in a banquet and 400 guests in a reception party. It can accommodate exhibitions, lectures, various parties, as well as international conferences. The venue can also be divided into two by a sliding wall partition with high noise barrier performance.



The foyer adjoining "Ho'oh" can be used for a variety of purposes, including weddings and a cocktail serving area. By combining "Ho'oh" with Banquet Room "Kiri", which can also accommodate large scale events, the entire floor can be used exclusively for an event.

Sample Layout

Full span

Banquet for 280 guests

Reception for 400 guests

Classroom for 300 guests

Theatre for 500 guests

Hollow Square for 120 guests

Sit-down buffet

Sit-down buffet


Reception for 150 guests | Classroom for 150 guests |Coffee break

Reception for 150 guests | Theatre for 150 guests | Exhibition space

Banquet for 80 guests | Hollow Square for 84 guests | Cocktail buffet

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