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We offer beverages which complement meals, including Shaoxing rice wine and Chinese spirits.

We offer a wide selection of aromatic Chinese tea, as well as Shaoxing rice wine and Chinese spirits, which accentuate the flavors of Chinese cuisine. We hope you will enjoy them with your meal.


Rococo Tokyo White

JPY 1,900(JPY 2,299)

Draft Beer (Suntory Master's Dream)

JPY 1,600(JPY 1,936)

Draft Beer (Suntory The Premium Malt's)

1,400(JPY 1,694)

Beer (Small Bottle Beer ) Asahi・Kirin・Sapporo

1,200(JPY 1,452)

Non Alcohol Beer Suntory All Free

Not recommended for minors as it is a beer-flavored soft drink.

JPY 1,100(JPY 1,331)



JPY 2,000(JPY 2,420)

Chivas Regal 18years

JPY 1,600(JPY 1,936)


JPY 1,600(JPY 1,936)


Kuei Hua

JPY 1,300(JPY 1,573)

Hong kong sling

JPY 1,300(JPY 1,573)

China Dress

JPY 1,300(JPY 1,573)

Gin Tonic

JPY 1,300(JPY 1,573)

Vodka Tonic

JPY 1,300(JPY 1,573)

Campari Soda

JPY 1,300(JPY 1,573)

Cassis Soda

JPY 1,300(JPY 1,573)


JPY 1,500(JPY 1,815)


Pulm Liqueur

JPY 1,100(JPY 1,331)

Rao Chiew


Rao Chiew 10years

Decanter 180ml

JPY 2,500(JPY 3,025)

Glass 90ml

JPY 1,400(JPY 1,694)

Chinnen 25years

Bottle 500ml JPY 45,500(JPY 55,055)

Chinnen 15years

Bottle 500ml JPY 17,700(JPY 21,417)

Rantei Chinnen 10years

Bottle 750ml JPY 15,200(JPY 18,392)

Taiwan Chinnen 10 years

Bottle 600ml JPY 11,000(JPY 13,310)

Hanabori Chinnen

Bottle 600ml JPY 7,000(JPY 8,470)


Bottle 600ml JPY 5,100(JPY 6,171)

Shoko-Kishu 5years

Bottle 375ml JPY 3,200(JPY 3,872)

Rao Chiew 5years

Decanter 180ml JPY 1,500(JPY 1,815)

Chinese Wine

Moutai Chiew

Bottle JPY 37,900(JPY 45,859) / Glass JPY 4,100(JPY 4,961)

Kuei Hua Chin Chiew

Bottle JPY 7,300(JPY 8,833) / Glass JPY 1,100(JPY 1,331)

Shin Lu Chiew

Bottle JPY 5,700(JPY 6,897) / Glass JPY 1,100(JPY 1,331)

Blueberry Chiew

Bottle JPY 5,700(JPY 6,897) / Glass JPY 1,100(JPY 1,331)

Litchi Chiew

Bottle JPY 5,700(JPY 6,897) / Glass JPY 1,100(JPY 1,331)



JPY 1,100(JPY 1,331)

Seikouudoku(Sweet Potato)

JPY 1,100(JPY 1,331)


Hot Sake (Gekkeikan)

JPY 1,100(JPY 1,331)

Cold Sake (Hakutsuru)

JPY 1,500(JPY 1,815)

Cold Sake (Kubota Manjyu)

JPY 3,600(JPY 4,356)

Cold Sake (Hakkaisan)

JPY 2,100(JPY 2,541)


Ruinart Blanc de Blancs / France

Bottle JPY 19,500(JPY 23,595) / Glass JPY 3,300(JPY 3,993)

Henriot Brut Souverain / France

Bottle JPY 12,700(JPY 15,367) / Glass JPY 2,200(JPY 2,662)

NV Laurent Perrier La Cuvée

Bottle JPY 15,200(JPY 18,392) / Half Bottle JPY 9,300(JPY 11,253)

Non Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

Paris'16 Blanc

Bottle JPY 7,600(JPY 9,196) / Glass JPY 1,300(JPY 1,573)

White Wine

Watson Family Vineyards Chardonnay 2017 / Margaret River

Bottle JPY 9,700(JPY 11,737) / Glass JPY 1,800(JPY 2,178)

Sauvignon Blanc 2018 Cloudy Bay / Marlborough

Bottle JPY 11,600(JPY 14,036) / Glass JPY 2,000(JPY 2,420)

Koshu Tomi No Oka 2017 / Yamanashi

Bottle JPY 13,500(JPY 16,335) / Glass JPY 2,200(JPY 2,662)

Les Contours de Deponcins Viognier 2016 / D.Francois Villard

Bottle JPY 13,500(JPY 16,335)

Chardonnay 2016 Six Ridges Russian River Valley

JPY 11,000(JPY 13,310)

Red Wine

Pinot Noir 2016 Girasole Vineyards / Mendocino Country

Bottle JPY 9,100(JPY 11,011) / Glass JPY 1,800(JPY 2,178)

Cabernet Merlot 2017 Woodlands / Margaret River

Bottle JPY 11,000(JPY 13,310) / Glass JPY 1,900(JPY 2,299)

Tomi No Oka Red 2016 / Yamanashi

Bottle JPY 13,500(JPY 16,335) / Glass JPY 2,200(JPY 2,662)

Deep Blue 2013 Grace Vineyard / Shanxi

Bottle JPY 11,000(JPY 13,310)

Shiraz 2016 Shaw & Smith / Barossa Valley

Bottle JPY 12,900(JPY 15,609)

Soft Drink

Orange Juice

JPY 1,100(JPY 1,331)

Apple Juice

JPY 1,100(JPY 1,331)

Coca Cola

JPY 1,100(JPY 1,331)

Coca Cola Zero

JPY 1,100(JPY 1,331)

Ginger Ale

JPY 1,100(JPY 1,331)

Mitsuya Cider

JPY 1,100(JPY 1,331)

Guava Drink

JPY 1,300(JPY 1,573)

Mango Drink

JPY 1,600(JPY 1,936)

Mineral water

Still Water

Oku-Aizu Kaneyama Mineral Water 500ml

JPY 1,200(JPY 1,452)

Voss 800ml

JPY 1,600(JPY 1,936)

Aqua Panna 1000ml

JPY 1,300(JPY 1,573)

Sparkling Water

Oku-Aizu Kaneyama Sparkling Mineral Water 720ml

JPY 1,600(JPY 1,936)

Perrier 330ml

JPY 800(JPY 968)

Chateldon 750ml

JPY 2,200(JPY 2,662)

S.Pellegrino 1,000ml

JPY 1,300(JPY 1,573)

Chinese Tea

Black Oolong Tea

JPY 1,100(JPY 1,331)

Hot Oolong Tea "Ti Kuan Yin"

JPY 1,000(JPY 1,210)

Pu-erh Tea

JPY 1,000(JPY 1,210)

Oolong Tea "Shui-Xian"

JPY 1,000(JPY 1,210)

Osmanthus Oolong Tea

JPY 1,000(JPY 1,210)


Please understand that we do not serve alcoholic drinks to drivers.


Please inform our staff if you have any food allergies.


Menu items may change according to ingredient availability..


The Prices shown in parentheses include 10% service charge and 10% consumption tax.


Underage drinking and drunk driving are prohibited by law.


Product Image for illustration purpose only.

Seating Capacity

99 Seats

Private Room




Business Hours

11:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. (L.O.2:30 p.m.)

5:30 p.m.-10:00 p.m. (L.O.9:30 p.m.)


from 17:00 on Sat., Sun. and holidays


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